Hmm…Who Do We Know?

…who likes to do what the grownups tell him he shouldn’t?

Like “Don’t make child pornography.”

Or “Stop cyberstalking people.”

Or “Stop harassing people.”

Or “Stop doxing people.”

Or “Stop trying to get people fired for simply refusing to put up with your shit.”

Or “Stop your 24/7/365 hunt for butthurt at least long enough to spend a few last quality moments with your Banged-Her-On-the-First-Date Soulmate as she finally escapes the worst mistake of her life.”

Or “Stop telling people you have a girlfriend when everyone knows it’s you and a blow up doll.”

“Stop filing nuisance lawsuits until you figure out the simple concept of personal jurisdiction.”

“Stop pretending you know anything about law, or that you didn’t get bitchslapped in Wisconsin by the one lawyer you hate most in the world.”

“Stop breathing.”

You know…stuff like that. We tell you not to do all these things, and it’s all for your own good, yet you persist.

So I guess I will too.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Hmm…Who Do We Know?”

  1. Or "Stop tweeting and punching up. Nobody cares about your political opinions anyways."

  2. So .... you are saying that judges are grownups? Especially the ones that enter restraining orders against demented homeless perverts?

  3. Stop pretending PRESIDENT Trump, or anyone else of political consequence, gives a shit about you tweets.

    Stop pretending you're the next Lee Stranahan.

    Stop pretending your life has been worthwhile.

    Stop preventing yourself from taking the cure.

  4. Quit saying words like: Lebanon; beaches; fed to fed; GS13; NIH; Rolodex; author; disabled..

  5. Just die already! You’ve proven again and again that you can’t even keep a woman around! Where’s her ashes?


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