Try “wrought” next time, you stupid, lying, bigoted, racist, lying, misogynist, lying motherfucker.

Did I mention he’s a liar?

GS-13 Writer/Editor? Try GS-1 keyboard banger.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on ““Wroth?””

  1. Keyboard chimp.

    Flings and plays with it's poo... and the content of its keyboard banging is unintelligible verbal diarrhea.

    Which we know ol Billy Boy just LOVES him some POO!

    Fucking idiot.

  2. Maybe we've been misreading his claim all along. Given his typing/writing skills maybe he wasn't a GS-13 editor but a GS (Minus) 13. Ad in 13 grades below a GS-0.

  3. Lets be a teensy bit charitable here and assume that the DF simply made a mistake because he was distracted by...

    -wondering what kind of retirement Mueller has and whether it was a Wroth IRA
    -thought about leaving the motel and getting a coffee at Starbucks and how much froth to get on it.
    -was thinking about how to stay out of marriage with the inflate-whatsit and was pondering his avoidance of troth.

    -or he's just a colossal dumbfuck and wrote the wrong damn word again.

    I think he probably had to suffer through so many episode of having his work critiques by editors he started projecting and imagining himself as the editor and then started claiming it on his creds. Its the only theory I have that even begins to explain it.

    1. Or he could just be a lying DUMBFUCK, such as the guy who pretended to have Parkinson's Disease for 15+ years, and then says he's trying to get a job at the employer he got a disability retirement from because of PD.

    2. Well, wroth is pretty much the only thing in his life, so it's not a big surprise that his fingers would type that. Fortunately, his rage is impotent.

  4. "Bill Schmalfeldt
    Trump again comparing immigrants to snakes. Priceless."

    Save your outrage, Fatfuck.

    You, a proud member of the progressive left, calling women "cunts" and "twats" and implying they are whores...

    Pull the other one, you worthless lying racist fuck.

  5. Mueller HATH done NOTHING except give liberals leg tingles and certain GS-13 Fake Parkinson's Disease primates fodder that eventually will amount to nothing.

    Sorta like Bill's life.. amounts to nothing.


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