This Seemed Appropriate

You have this hideous thing:

…which reminded me of the chorus of this song:

Get a haircut and get a real job
Clean your act up and don’t be a slob
Get it together like your big brother Bob
Why don’t you 
Get a haircut and get a real job!

Sounds about right to me.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “This Seemed Appropriate”

  1. Fakinsons get a real.job?!

    Fakinsons not leech off society so he can sit on his fat ass?

    LOL!! that's comedy gold!

    Hopefully soon, though, he won't have a choice. And orange totally clashes with him.

  2. Yeah, but who would hire him.

    Had he not tried to swindle the government, he could have kept his government job.

    Do they have jobs where they shovel shit? That might work for him.

    1. You could pay him to sit in the container where the people who shovel the shit are supposed to put it, and the cost of paying him to have shit dumped on him would be more than eclipsed by the increased productivity of those doing the shoveling.


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