This Is a VERY BAD Sign

Their journey ends…in a school zone.

Those poor children.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “This Is a VERY BAD Sign”

  1. The only other person I know who is self-impressed with a pun that lame, is toddler-stalker and drunken spectacle Deborah Frisch. No wonder he liked her.

    1. I'd wager the last place he'll end up is Truth or Consequences, NM. The name alone would prevent him from ever getting a decent night's rest.

    2. I thought about that but a social security office is right down the street from the Albuquerque, NM bus stop

  2. If indeed that the Lyin of Lebanon ends up in Albuquerque (being he is a lying liar who lies)...

    They have a SERIOUS gang problem there.

    You know... MS-13, Fatfuck? That gang you and your fellow lefty swamp dwellers don't think is a real issue because Trump or something? Yeah... they are all over Albakookoo.

    And any neighborhood that you can afford to live in is going to be sketchy as hell.

    And you make a YUUUGE target for some illegal's drive by action, racist turd.

    Enjoy the "Land of Enchantment," you POS.

    1. He's former GS-13, MS-13 has to respect that, right? It's only a letter off, sometimes two if Bill's typing...

      1. MS-13 Dude #1, "We should take him out."

        MS-13 Dude #2, "Ummm... Shouldn't we check with Higher? He says he's a GS-13."

        MS-13 Dude #3, "Utah chapter? Maybe?"

  3. I'm just glad he's well enough now to travel such a great distance. . His problems sitting down for extended periods of time seem to have resolved themselves. Travel is no longer life-threatening. He's contemplating going back to work. Cumulus Radio is hiring in Albuquerque. His vocal tremors which once limited his ability to speak on the phone won't be a factor, I'm sure.

    Everything should be looking up for him. Assuming he doesn't do something stupid.


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