So – By the Prevailing Arguments…

If 16 hours of round trip travel to North Carolina and back to Myrtle Beach to unsuccessfully contest a restraining order in court requires – what was it? A full day of recovery – then a 40 hour trip from Myrtle Beach to I’ll Be Quirky and points west should kill him.

Please, God!

Unless they cooked Onyx and took her along to snack on…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “So – By the Prevailing Arguments…”

  1. I am still holding out for an MS-13 to GS-13 drive-by to take his fat, racist, lazy ass out.

    GO GO Albuquerque gang activity!!!!

  2. That trip must have been tiring. Is it time to buy a new mobile command center? After all, DUMBF5CK needs its Johnny Walker Red. Has it found the closest liquor store yet?

  3. They sold that cat to fiance the trip, bill has not mentioned it for quite a while.

  4. The cat ended up in a ditch same as the dog, cat, and clock urn. Balloon Boy would be wise to take note how easily Bill "Stolen Valor" Schmalfeldt tosses things away that he no longer finds useful.

  5. I hear Bill is trying to get a job. I'm going to have to start thinking about a series of jokes, called "Billy's Boss sez:". It will be all the crazy shit Bill says trying to explain his inability to get to work, to complete work assignments, and why he loafs off when actually AT work, and all the things his boss says in response. Maybe I can get the cockroach to illustrate it......

    If by some fucking miracle Bill really does get a job, I bet he doesn't last 4 weeks, even in a government position. He couldn't drag that fat ass of his to work for 9-5 for 5 days a week, even if he "worked from home".

    1. First sample of Billy's Boss sez:

      Billy sez: “Schmalfeldt’s condition has deteriorated to the point where he cannot rise from a chair or from his bed without assistive devices. Prolonged sitting causes him extreme discomfort.”

      Billy's Boss sez: Not as much extreme discomfort as standing in the unemployment line......

    2. Put me down for getting fired on the Friday that happens between 29 and 36 days on the job.

      1. True, but most people aren't lazy grifting shitbags faking illness when convenient to live off the government teat then miraculously recovering when lawsuits are dismissed for the smell of fried pie wafts through the air.

  6. Do any or all of you think it's time to put Onyx on a milk carton? I do.

    Proof of life, Fat Bastard!


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