No One Expects the REBRANDING!


Because the Peckerwrecker has threatened to kick me out if I don’t, I am ending my association with @breitbartunmask and REBRANDING!! effective immediately, instead of waiting until she dies in a puddle up to her armpits of her own waste, like I did in 2015 with what’s-her-name. (Don’t worry though – “Langston Hews” remains on staff, at least until I come up with a new yet equally transparent and stupid pseudonym.) I thank them for giving me the opportunity to spread my unwashed ass cheeks and crap all over their website and contribute to the destruction of what remains of their reputation, just as I have thoroughly dismantled my own. I wish them good luck in cleaning up the remains of what once had the potential to be a web presence as truly useless as Crooks and Liars.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

One thought on “No One Expects the REBRANDING!”

  1. "Bill Schmalfeldt
    I've just launched my new website. (link: Come. Visit. You like coffee? Me too. @turkresisting
    8:42 AM · Feb 1, 2018"

    The REAL Bill Schmalfeldt?!??!!


    Nobody.... and I mean NOBODY... is interested in a site run, dedicated to, and named after the lying, grifting, stolen valor shit rolling pile of monkey crap that is Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Go fuck yourself self sideways with a frozen swordfish, you worthless bastard.


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