“I’m Just Not As Into Him As He Is With Me-Me-MEEEEEEEEE!!”

Also, check out my Twitter Feldtdown whinging about this person who doesn’t matter to me SO MUCH that I read his blog every fucking day.




Author: Paul Krendler

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9 thoughts on ““I’m Just Not As Into Him As He Is With Me-Me-MEEEEEEEEE!!””

  1. Oh William, amazing how you can spin thing to pretend you're anything other than a lying, evil, Parkinson's faking sack of shit. Too bad there is YEARS of evidence by your own hand to show once again what a liar you are.

    You don't garner any sympathy from anyone. Take the cure.

  2. This is how you can tell if someone doesn't have any integrity.

    John Hoge had a restraining order against Schmalfeldt. That means Schmalfeldt's advice, commentary, communications, and presence was not only not needed nor required, but was also unwanted. There was a binding legal order for him to not attempt to contact Hoge in any way.

    Instead of honoring a legal court order, Schmalfeldt chose to take advantage of an opportunity to get around the order by using a trumped up "humanity" excuse and offering services on behalf of the government for which he was not entitled to do so.

    And when he had to go to court to defend himself, he acted with outrage that someone would rebuff his efforts, even though Schmalfeldt has never been truthful nor honest in any of his dealings. Even if Schmalfeldt thought he had the ability to help Hoge, and he didn't, the judge in the resulting hearing did tell Schmalfeldt that he was not to contact Hoge again. Curiously, it was this hearing Schmalfeldt asked about pleading insanity, a fact he leaves out.

    Schmalfeldt's side of the story lacks context and facts, so it's not surprising that he would make up his own lies in an effort to boost himself as above the fray he started. So it's really strange that after that episode, it is Schmalfeldt that is running away all over the country, despite his claims he couldn't appear in person for a court hearing, and Hoge continues to live his life as honorable as he always has been.

    Anyone who buys Schmalfeldt's narrative must really hate themselves because not only is Schmalfeldt a horrible liar, he is dishonest and unworthy of respect or dignity. He is clearly a sham and moving to new places doesn't help improve his image as his past will always catch up to him. If he had any dignity, honor, and integrity, he wouldn't have to move.

    1. The receptionist slash customer service rep had no access to the clinical side of this institution.

  3. Bill has to remind himself regularly (and publicly for some non apparent reason) of the many MANY lies he's told just in the last few years...it seems the only way he can keep them straight, even though he contradicts himself with his own lies almost daily.

  4. He must be trying to convince himself, because he sure as heck isn't convincing anyone else.

  5. Sorry but a 9-part twitter screed of lies and rage only says one thing:

    Stadium Package Liquors was running a sale on JWR.

  6. Just can’t stop lying, can you Turd-Sniffer?

    Go ahead, Sue me, you demented fuck!

    Where’s that bald pussy you sleep with? Running with your dogs and Gail’s ashes?


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