13 thoughts on “If I Said I Wasn’t Certain, I’d Be Lying”

  1. Yeah.... Who among those two Twitterers admitted to shitting themselves?

    If I recall correctly, it was the fat, racist, lying, stolen valor motherfucker known as Bill Schmalfeldt.

    1. Don't disparage. I doubt YOU ever achieved a C- on an English as a Second Language test.

    2. The trouble is that a good Schmalfeldt parody is way more like Scmalfeldt than Schmalfeldt writing is. Especially if the parody misspells or misuses enough of the keywords.

  2. Speaking if shitting yourself

    1-800 VALUE PLACE

    And there's an overpass you can downgrade to close by. How convenient.

    William, give up replying to PRESIDENT Trump. First. He doesn't care about a pissant like you. Second no one cares about your "I JUST POOPED!!!" intellectual-level replies.

  3. I must admit that I have almost no interest whatsoever in B. S. now that he is not trying to shut other people up. His efforts in that regard were so amazingly inept that checking in every hour or so to get the latest inanity was virtually compulsory. To take just one example of his incompetence, who can forget his attempt to disqualify the lawyer of his opponents in a lawsuit on the grounds that the lawyer, a graduate of Yale Law School, was incompetent. If I remember correctly, his opponent's supposedly incompetent lawyer managed to get Bellowing Bill's complaint dismissed within mere weeks of entering an appearance.

    But I am glad that others continue to monitor Witless Willie's simulacra of adult speech even after he appears to have abandoned his career as a lawyer pro se. Posterity will need fair and balanced documentation that someone could utter such drivel and still be let loose without medication. Only a dedicated zombie has the time and stomach to labor under such a loathsome burden. We and the future are in your debt.


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