Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

When has ANYONE ever risked even a single penny at the threat of a conflict with a dickless, lying, racist grifter named Bill Schmalfeldt?

Butthurt is still not a tort, personal jurisdiction is still an obstacle you have yet to overcome, and the supply of pointage, laughery and mockification in reserve is MASSIVE.




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. News flash shitbag: if he gave a shit about being anonymous he wouldn't have outed himself long ago.

    But please, by all means FILE THAT LAWSUIT. The 9th time might be the charm to get past a motion to dismiss, then all that juicy evidence you yourself put out there that would make a reasonable person think you're a faking shitbag will be documented in a public record.

    Then the counterclaims with come, and thoughts of "its not Maryland this time" make me smile.

  2. I have a prediction.

    The racist fatass shitbag is going to try and get SC fired. He wishcasted it the second he started broadcasting SC's job info.

    And SC's lawyer is going to legally annihilate his stupid ass 17 ways to Sunday.

    And Fatfuck is going to whine like the little gutless pussy he is as he finds out that he is not judgement proof.

    Hey racist fatass shitbag.... a little advice. SC and a few others warned your dumb ass not to fuck with me because you would absolutely not like the outcome.

    Well SC is going to give it to you a millionfold if you are fucking dumb enough to try and fuck with his livelihood. And I know that you are too fucking dense to understand, too overconfident in your non-existent legal skills, and you will push ahead with failsuit #123,724 and get your ass handed to you.

    And I am going to laugh my fucking ass off about it.

    The thought of you penniless and literally living under an overpass makes me all happy inside.

    Keep on keeping on, you dumb motherfucker.

    1. "The thought of you penniless and literally living under an overpass makes me all happy inside."

      Yeah, but that satisfaction would only last until the next cold snap.

      Then the world would get a LOT brighter.

  3. The really funny thing is that Bill hasn't found ANYBODY who doesn't fight back, and makes Bill look like the complete loser he is. The closest he has come is Patrick Grady, who showed up at the Peace Order hearing against Patrick that Bill requested, and Bill proved he was such a gutless coward by not showing up. Since that time, Grady has moved on and ignores Bill. All the other people Bill has doxed/identified have stood up to him and kicked his ass. John Hoge, David Edgren, Dave Alexander, myself, Sarah, Dianna, Nancy, MJ - we all laugh at him every time he opens his mouth on the internet.

    I'll sort of miss him if he ever really does leave the internet. He is such a source of amusement.

  4. I figure if he is stupid enough to want to try and mess with me, my livelihood, family, and what not because he doesn't like what I truthfully say about him, using his own words, then he deserves every bit of the return fire.

    All of it.


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