15 thoughts on “When Your Mouth Writes a Check…”

  1. This far along and DUMBFUCK *still* doesn't know what the alt-right is. HINT: It ain't conservatives, DUMBFUCK. You see, "alt" is short for "alternative" thus the "alt-right" is an alternative to the right. Also, not the right, because alternative.

    You could probably Google all this if you weren't so terminally stupid.

      1. I am going to thoroughly enjoy the day when Fatfuck mouths off his racist bullshit to the wrong person...

        Hope he kept the "Mobile Command Center."

        He might ACTUALLY need it.

    1. Unfortunately, his incredible stupidity isn't terminal -- yet. He may still mess with the wrong person. Especially if he's hanging out in the Flying J truck parking lot.

  2. I dunno. I suspect his ass could cover just about any check you could find. Even those over-sized Publisher's Clearing House novelty checks.

    Not that you'd want the checks back after they'd been covered by his ass...

  3. Interesting that for someone who is such a Hillary loving, the-government-is-my-mommy liberty curbing democrat, he never moves to California, Washington, New York or other hardcore blue states. Why is that?

    Is it because his Spanish is nonexistent?

    Is it because the rules he espouses would actually have to apply to him as well?

    Is it because the cost of living is so high in those states thanks to their fiscal policies that he just cant live on his grifted disability benefit?

    Is it because he has higher personal safety due to relaxed laws on guns to protect yourself in states like Texas?

    Or is it he is thinks he has finally moved to a state where he can convince a judge that butthurt is a tort??

    I know, embrace the power.

  4. "Go ahead. Make my day."

    The gauntlet has been thrown down!

    And Sir John will pick it up, and in his own time he will bitch slap and curb stomp this Fat Fuck piece of shit.

    And we will be there to watch and PLM

    Hooray for the Good Guys!!

      1. In Texas we have an open season of feral hogs. All you need is a hunting licence. In fact ranchers and farmers will pay you to eradicate these pests.

        Beware Bwilly, don't visit Texas!

  5. Given that he's all ass and appears to go about 250 pounds that must be some big doggone check he can't cover.


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