Two Words, DUMBFUCK:

Rent. Free.

Also, LANGSTON, if getting called out with pointage, laughery and mockification as the shitposting idiot you are bothers you, there’s a very simple solution:

Stop posting.

I’ve already told you I’m going to mock you for as long as you continue to appear online, you impotent narcissist. Did you think I wasn’t serious?

Don’t like it?

Sue me.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Two Words, DUMBFUCK:”

  1. He won't sue you. He has tried 8 times and like his messiah and hero Obama he FAILED MISERABLY.

    All he has left is projection and rationalization as he runs headlong I to dying alone without a single person giving a shit above and beyond knowing where the grave is so they can piss on it ("at least the water will be warm"... That was a quote from you wasn't it, shitbag?)

    Well that's not true. The midget pedo will have to find a new patsy, so he'll care a little.

  2. "....a psychotic loser?"

    I have to wonder if the Fatfuck actually believes that anyone takes his insults seriously? Without laughing, because we all know who the REAL Loser is. And that would be Sir DumbFuck Bwilly S, the blob that has to fake PD, lie about medals unearned, and shack up with another LOSER and get dumped.

    1. "Strong in this one the projection is." Do we know for sure whether he's now living in a dumpster, a cardboard box, or under an overpass?

  3. A misspelling? Really? I don't think so. You can't blame "Tatangeli" on Autocorrect when the correct spelling is Pentangeli. And you can't blame it on your own misspelling. BTW, if you are unsure (as in "I'm a DUMBF5CK and I don't know"), a Google search on "Godfather II characters" takes 10 seconds, mostly due to typing.

    TRUTH: The fat freak and loathsome loser actually thought "Tatangeli" was the correct spelling.

    What a DUMBF5CK!

  4. The only shithole I see, you fat fucking shitbag, is the nasty festering gob underneath your inflata-ho's nose.

  5. I fully expect him to sue again.Making bad choices is what he does.

    He had the choice to walk away from the internet forever. He continues to choose PLM.

      1. I was going to correct your post to say that he likes some of the attention that he gets. But then I noticed that you said "earns." No need for a correction obviously. I just suffered cognitive dissonance seeing him linked with verb "earn."

  6. Krendler and Schmalfeldt walk outside.

    Lord Dewclaw walks up. "Bill. Paul. The Boss says he'll come in a separate car and says for you two to go on ahead."

    Bill stops and says, "Hell, he can't do that. It screws up all my arrangements."

    "Well that's what he said."

    Krendler speaks up, "I can't go either, Bill"

    Schmalfeldt fixes Krendler with a long stare. "Tell Brett it was only business. I always liked him."

    Paul says, "He understands that."

    Lord Dewclaw reaches in to Bill's jacket and removes a cub scout hat. "Excuse me, Bill."

    Schmalfeldt tries again. "Paul, can you get me off the hook? For old times sake?"

    Krendler replies. "Can't do it, Billy." He nods to Declaw. SecurityFlunky, gmhowell and Archer close in on Bill to direct him towards the car. Paul Krendler turns and walks away.

    1. Bill stands there with a growing dark stain spreading down his pants and then shits himself.

  7. Here's an extra stupid thing to do when you're feeling extra stupid.
    Go to someone's timeline and watch it constantly and intently and never look away and never blink. Watch it for days until you finally imagine you can see something posted that just demands suing them for calling you what you are.

    Over on our side of the internet (where it smells lots better), we don't stalk because everyone knows what the address is and its public and anyone can look at it and we don't have to watch it for days to try and find something stupid you just did. We just click a link whenever the air feels extra stupid and a quick 5 second perusal shows that you have been unable to resist the urge and once again posted something laughable, pointable laughable and mockable, as usual. No muss fuss no lengthy creeping up on bedroom windows or waiting around for stupidz. Dude you deliver to the door.

  8. I've been thinking about this for a while now. At this point in his life, is there any way at all that Billy could prove to a reasonable person or jury or psychiatrist that he isn't a "psychotic loser"? I mean he's got the loser part down cold. I'm pretty sure I've never seen and never will see anyone better at consistent losing. And the record he has left in his wake all but screams "Psychotic!!" But I am not a psychiatrist, so I wonder about this.

  9. "Don’t like it?

    Sue me."

    Sue you? He doesn't even know who you are. Oh, sure, he boasts and preens that he thinks you are this one guy, but he has no evidence, no proof. And everybody knows that that guy is off living his life as best he can, and not paying any attention to DUMBFUCK.You and John (and indirectly the rest of the zombies and lickspittles) are all he has. He has sunk so low that bad attention is better than the no attention he would get otherwise. If he wasn't so evil and crazy, I'd almost pity him.

  10. The deranged oedipal, cyberstalking, dumbfuck has been ShadowBanned on Twitter. I do know why? Let's see if the idiot child stalker can figure out why. 🙂
    See for details.


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