11 thoughts on “Or, “I Have Parkinson’s Disease””

  1. Given how much he's grifted the system from faking a disease, this is just another IMAX-level projection.

  2. "That rings as true as "I am not a crook.""

    The FatFuck is deathly allergic to the truth, and the only ringing he knows is from bumping his melon up against the dumpster lid.

  3. When I saw this Brain Damaged Troll came to mind.


    1. Can't be them - an update says the police caught them, and the woman says she "messed up" and "was sorry". DUMBFUCK and Rotten Craw would never admit such things.

  4. Or.... I earned every one of those medals and ribbons I was wearing on my uniform (even though my DD-214 only shows two).

    Or... I really have Parkinson's and veteran's disability (except when I don't).

    Lying sack of shit gotta lie like a sack of shit.


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