Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Oh, I don’t know…maybe Pfizer did some extensive market research and found a high percentage of alleged Parkinson’s patients see their symptoms come and go with such regularity that it’s easy to conclude they are simply faking the disease to make themselves look like victims.

Seems reasonable to me.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. When this shitbag was first featured on the front page of ED, I came for the lulz.

    But as time goes in and I see just what a group of grifting shitbags team kimberpedo are (and especially Parkinson's FAKER Bill Shmalfeldt) the more my lulz are replaced with disbelief.

    Shmalfeldt in particular grifting the system and hiding behind a crippling disease that he is faking has actually done some good though. I'd increased my awareness of the disease to the point where I read research papers and journals on the subject. My goal is to become an activist and begin an active role in exposing scum like Stolen Valor making sure people who REALLY suffer have another ally. I refuse to stand by anymore and i refuse to let Parkinson's become the next "soft tissue damage" when it comes to scamming benefits at the expense of hard working Americans and trivialising TRUE sufferers of the disease.

    So shitbag, don't be surprised if you're exposed for the fraud you are, because I know for a fact I'm far from alone in seeing justice served. It may not be by me, but it WILL happen. Your over sharing, years of documentation, and FOIA requests will be your undoing. And I hope you suffer hard when your ponzi comes crashing down.

    1. I got a whiplash once, I was suprised to find out it was real and can fuck you up. I never got all the way better and not for lack of trying.

  2. As is typical for the DF, his comment shows that he did not bother to read the linked article. It only shows that reality was the exact opposite of his moronic attempt at commentary.

    1. Just so. And exactly right. Reading the article I see a current market of 5.5 million that's expected to grow as the population ages. Who would walk away from that?

      Two reasons and both are in the very first sentence of the article: "...abandoning costly but futile efforts..." I'll parse that for DF. What Pfizer has tried, so far, hasn't worked. AND those efforts have been COSTLY.

      And here's comment that gives some sense of the costs: "The fully burdened cost of 1 researcher can easily be $500,000 - salary, fringes, infrastructure, supplies, support, travel etc. 300 people are to be laid off = $150mm. If the program has been running 10 years, $1.5 bn. A promising lead could cost 5X that to develop to the point of FDA submission. A "promising lead" typically has no more that a 1 in 10 chance of making it to the market. These can become "you bet your company" decisions."

      One of the comments reads, "Given the blatant hostility of socialist people and their government towards big pharma, a prudent person would shift investments away from research burdened companies. Who deserves the medical breakthroughs?" I'm not indicating who wrote that because I don't want him to get (potentially-) sued by any grifting IFP asshole that hawks the TMZ blog.

      Gee... Any chance that FDA reforms might lower costs and/or remove barriers Big Pharma struggles with? Has the novelty of not having been tried before.

      Nah. Easier to just vote for Bernie. He'll make all drugs are incredibly cheap. And then none of us, especially not Mr. Fakinsons, will ever see another 'new' cure again. In fact you'll see existing cures disappear. cf Venezuela.

      PS to The Shoveler- It's not entirely appropriate that you and I hold the fact he didn't read the article against Schmalfeldt because clearly you and I are able to afford subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal. And he can not. Notice I said '...not entirely..." There are workarounds, however, and anybody as internet-savvy as DumbF5ck knows those. And that's only if the article was behind the pay wall- Gosh Socialists (Progressives, my ass) piss me off!

      1. I'm confident that if the grifter wanted to read the article (ignoring that he is too f'ing stupid to understand it in any event), he'd find a way to grift a copy.

    2. Is there any evidence whatsoever that he has any reading comprehension at all? So reading it or not reading it would make probably make no difference at all on any 'commentary' he offered.

  3. I did so enjoy seeing that Texas picture that DUMBFUCK posted. It proves he has been lying about so many things, such as having Parkinson's or that he is losing weight. He destroyed almost his complete victim narrative with that one photo. Way to go, DUMBFUCK.

  4. Is it true that the faggot pedo had a dead kid in the trunk of his car in Longview, Tx? Is that what the fried pie stop was all about? Asking for a friend.

  5. "@BreitbitNews
    Replying to @BreitbartUnmask @Green_Footballs and 3 others
    Of course, we all know what Trump is holding over Lindsey Graham, however it’s not a secret and Lindsay should just come out and be done with it."

    Wow. Irony on sooooooooo many levels.

    Maybe your closeted fat ass should come out, too. Of course, explaining the cub scout fixation might be a non starter...

    And love how progressives use homosexuality as a weapon. Party of tolerance and inclusion indeed.

    Fat fucking hypocrite.

    1. Meh, he's just ripping off a tweet by Chelsea Handler. She said the same thing but earlier. That fat fucking goldbrick is so lazy he can't even come up with an original idea.

  6. "BreitbitNews
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    You mad, bro?



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