A Word About Anonymous Cowards

You tell ’em, “Langston!”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “A Word About Anonymous Cowards”

  1. The faker has had several lawsuits in which he could have challenged people about this, but has chosen not to do so. He really needs to understand the meaning of "res judicata" :

    A defendant in a lawsuit may use res judicata as defense. The general rule is that a plaintiff who prosecuted an action against a defendant and obtained a valid final judgment is not able to initiate another action versus the same defendant where:

    the claim is based on the same transaction that was at issue in the first action;
    the plaintiff seeks a different remedy, or further remedy, than was obtained in the first action;
    the claim is of such nature as could have been joined in the first action.[2]

    1. I'm just glad he's feeling better. Parkinson's is a terrible progressive disease, and according to all I've read, the symptoms don't reverse themselves. If someone suffers from visual hallucinations, difficulty standing, weakened speech and loss of some level of mental acuity...and then they get better, they need to turn themselves in to the NIH for observation. A cure might be in reach.

      John Hoge has some telephone numbers of folks to contact, by the way.

  2. Why would I knowingly pick up a poisonous spider? Or snake?

    Why would I, or anyone else, unmask (heh-) themselves knowing they'll be doxxed so that family members and employers who are NOT party to any of this can be hassled? Why risk being dragged in to a LOLSuit?

    Bravery has nothing to do with this. Prudence, informed by risk/reward analysis, does.

    I get the feeling DumbF5ck-Parvocampus thinks he can goad us. Schmalfeldt is not only stupid but also toxic to the nth-degree. Keep your distance. And govern yourselves accordingly.

  3. "Nationally-renowned experts on a specific illness who have made the diagnosis and would say so in court?"

    Prove it Bitch!

    1. I think he meant to say "...and would say so in court, if only I could afford to pay them."

  4. I am not an "anonymous coward" - Bill has publicly doxed me. So I say:

    William M. Schmalfedlt is faking having Parkinson's disease. His own actions prove that, and it can be shown so in court.


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