We Are Krendler

And our predictions are solid:

Several months from now, when LOLSUIT VIII goes the way of LOLSUITS I through VII (down in the flames of pro se motions to dismiss from all defendants)…

…this will be the post that I call back to when it’s time to say to Stolen Valor DUMBFUCK Bill Schmalfeldt:

  • I told you so…
  • He told you so…
  • She told you so…
  • Everyone – EVERYONE – told you so…

And when I say “Everyone” I mean “Everyone with more than a single digit IQ.”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “We Are Krendler”

  1. Looks like his plans to move into a new mansion have been slightly delayed by unforeseen circumstances. Ooops.

  2. I would wish to be Krendler, but I've put on weight and don't squeeze into the outfit anymore.

        1. I told you at the last meeting it wasn't a mask. Sheesh, people never listen.

    1. Wait till Ashterah has it again - she has mad sewing skills and can add some adjustable velcro. It will make the outfit like a stripper's costume. You could take it home and do some role-playing with your significant other. Just dry-clean it before you bring it back - it ain't no blue dress, you know.


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