Remember This Lie

And remember when LOLSUIT IX drops, he’ll say it wasn’t a lie.  Not because he has decided that he now can waste time trying to enforce human decency on people who are incapable of it, but because…

And he WILL change his mind.

By the way, DUMBFUCK – this would have sufficed:


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Remember This Lie”

  1. He can't help himself. He doesn't learn. He's PISSED that people actually stand up to him. He was so used to being able to threaten and bully people with his IMPORTANT FRIENDS that he had LUNCH WITH every single day. You know, FED TO FED. And then he met John Hoge. Who saw through it when Bill started to use it on him. And stood up and laughed at it.

    And Bill had an existential crisis that he has yet to recover from.

    So we ALL get to laugh now. *snort*

    1. Well, he got smoked really good by the Knot Crew (I see you there Howard! Come take a bow.) He quickly ran away from them because he had other folks to go harass.

      I have to wonder after having ass handed to him 8 times in lawsuits and 12 times by restraining order why he keeps going after you guys? Maybe he realizes you are a more civilized bunch that is much less likely to to actual physical damage to him even when he invites you to?

      Meh, who knows with that demented freak.

  2. Anyone start a pool yet on when Lolsuit IX gets filed? You know he just can’t quit y’all....


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