Less Than Twelve Hours This Time!

9:20 PM PST…

…to 9:01 AM PST.

Apparently “withdraw[ing] from public view” suits him about as well as does “self awareness,” “telling the truth,” “being a real journalist,” “not stalking and harassing people” and “having Parkinson’s disease.”

He just can’t make it stick.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Less Than Twelve Hours This Time!”

  1. His next claim will be that by blogging about him on a site he doesn't have to read has forced him to have to defend himself from the vicious attacks of telling the truth about him.

    He won't be a victim anymore!

  2. "He just can’t make it stick."

    Words currently uttered by the Inflat-a-male-Skank and by all previous wives and men who have "Biblically" seen Faky Shaky for years


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