Just Can’t Stay Retired, Can Ya, DUMBFUCK?

What do you need a source for? I thought Steph Ryder or whatever her name is was taking over at Billy Boy Unread. She’ll never get to be any good if you keep sticking your shitcaked bazoo into things that aren’t your business.


You know, the writing style doesn’t seem to have changed very much…


And you know, everybody’s wondering: to whom did you actually resign, if as you say, you don’t report to anyone?

If you could respond by 3:00 PM EST, I’d appreciate it.  I’m on a deadline.  If you don’t respond I’ll just assume I’m correct and publish.  That’s how the pros do it, right?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “Just Can’t Stay Retired, Can Ya, DUMBFUCK?”

  1. "You know, the writing style doesn’t seem to have changed very much…"

    The algorithm I wrote confirms this hypothesis.

    My vote is a cunning plan to shield the pedo from the backlash leaving Mr. Fakinsons to hold the bag if/when things pull a Chinua Acheebe and fall apart.

    (The book was crap. 3/10 do not recommend)

  2. You forgot the threats and homophobic slurs. That's straight out the the Journamilist Schmalfeldt's book of how to get stories.

  3. He can't stay retired (is he getting paid for his drivel?) but he has no problem staying retarded.


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