4 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back? Back Again?”

  1. Its his way to come full circle without having to admit "staff writer'" was him all along. Not that the whole universe didn't already know.

    "SJWs Always Project" could apply to his comments here too. After all it was Mr. Fakinsons that claimed he was done. It was Mr. Stolen Valor that came back. Whereas I always stayed to read Hove's astronomy arties or sonoran's articles on politics. And billysez hasn't posted at all since your latest failsuit was dismissed.

    So remind us who can't quit who, shitbag?

  2. Attention whore needs attention...

    Hey Fatfuck... you and that snaggletoothed inflata-ho fucking SUXXORS at podcasting. You both are as stupid as the day is long, bring nothing to the table politically or otherwise, are painfully unfunny...

    I would tell you to not quit your day jobs, but all you do is make a living at being unproductive leeches on your country and your countrymen, so it would be wasted sentiment.

    Fuck off and die in a fire... BOTH of you.

  3. Is it true that Bill's financer (or fiance- they both are correct), took Gail's ashes from the clock before he dumped it in the trash and had it mixed into material to make her new strap-on.

    That way she can give Bill a 3-some for XMAS.


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