Don’t Go Away Mad, DUMBFUCK

…just go away.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Don’t Go Away Mad, DUMBFUCK”

  1. First, as mentioned you Parkinson's faking shitbag, its not just "a house" and you know it.

    Second we didn't let the "fuckheads" win as evidenced by Hillary not being in the white house.

    You're just mad that the free ride you and so many other disease faking grifters could come to an end and the thought of actually having to contribute to society (*GASP!!!*) scares the shit out of you.

  2. How many times has he stormed off in a huff (or on a scooty-puff) hurling imprecations behind him and vowing never to be seen again? Yeah, he's hiking his skirts and heading for under a porch somewhere. He'll re-emerge just like some sort of fat, (possibly drunken), disgusting, stupid, and ignorant zombie groundhog.
    Personally, I'm hoping he gets served and has to pay for the work done by the US Marshals in his most previous giant loss.

  3. "I bid you all a fond adieu"

    Another Clock is needed so we can track how long he breaks this promise.

    PS: For an GS-13 Editor you should know that "don't" is only spelled with 1 "n".

    1. We've already seem him have his ass handed to him by the women of the 'resistance'. Of course that doesn't include his Inflate-A-Boy because....well, it's s dude. Exhibit 1 is the permanent 5 o'clock shadow.

  4. There is an animated gif that's been uploaded at that's worth some LULZ. All welcome to use and modify it as they see fit. Note: Click on image to see animation.

  5. @ElPasoSwing El Paso? Really? If true then wouldn't it have been better for DUMBFUCK to move to the People's Republic Of Austin which is occupied by women with hairy legs and liberal fruit cakes. But alas, if only DUMBFUCK had moved behind the Pine Curtain. I have friends that would have gave Diane a good deal on a gun and a extra large capacity chest freezer. Zer might have gotten them free too. Also, the Pine curtain has several intresting features. Large reservoirs with alligators, lakes large and small with alligators. What's even better, Diane could have made large disposal with alligator population nearby then hit the boats in Louisiana for drinks, gambling, dinner and then could of made it home before bed time. Well, I guess xer will have to make desposits across the border.


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