This was posted on PACER earlier this afternoon:

The timing is just too delicious. Wouldn’t you agree, DUMBFUCK?

Too bad, so sad!

Oopsie poopsie!

Guess it’s time to pick another state and try again!

Special attention to footnote number 5.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, LOLSUIT VIII!”

  1. I want a fresh picture of the Fail Whale because that filing should have really left a mark.

  2. "Plaintiff fails". Where have we heard that before? I mean besides from everyone who has ever met Schmalfeldt? Bwhahahahaha. Keep hiding Bill. I'm sure you will get over the humiliation of stepping on you own crank yet again and a few years.

  3. "Guess it’s time to pick another state and try again!"

    How is he going to get to another state?

    He is waaaaaay too obese to walk, plus with his Stage Eleventy!!!11!!! Fake PD he can't walk.

    It appears his Inflate-A-Shank has left him, so he doesn't have her to lean on (as if she could support his weight).

    He sold his Bwilly Mobile to Jesus, so that mode of transportation is gone.

    So what is a Fat Fucking Freak with dreams of Cub Scouts and Peeing on Children to do?

    1. Two options:

      A. Scooty Puff 2.0
      B. Find a body of water. Current should take him to the Atlantic. Gulf Stream could carry him up to NC.

  4. What??? Jaws threw his parkinsons faking valor stealing obese ass out?!?!?!?



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