Wait, @Karoli Thinks I’m A Russian?

Boy is that gonna throw a turd in DUMBFUCK’s punch bowl…a turd which he will undoubtedly pick out, roll into a ball and sniff deeply.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “Wait, @Karoli Thinks I’m A Russian?”

  1. Komrade Krendler, Komrade Krendler... Kome in please.

    Komrad Krendler, open channel D. Now Komrade-

    Kontrol sends.

  2. One of the things about fucking with stupid people is that you can watch them do the monkey dance and they don't even realize they are doing it.

    1. Eh, nobody's fucking with Karoli.
      It does illustrate how irrelevant Schmuckfardt is. Despite his years of desperate fawning over Karoli, she's so oblivious to his concerns that she has no clue who Krendler might be, and she seems to have forgotten Hoge as well. So, self-absorbed like all leftists, she starts blithering about Russians because that's her bugaboo du jour.

      1. Yup. The only surprise is that Krendler isn't an alt-right, white supremacist Russian.

        1. Karoli is just another mouth breather, low IQ liberal who has no actual grasp of what is happening. No wonder she is a junior member of Team Kimberlin.

          I guess you have to have either convictions for child porn; create child porn; judge child porn; or state you would have sex with children to be a senior member.

          That is a great group of people to align yourself with, Karoli. I'll take a Russian anyday over those lowlifes.

  3. I was going to comment on the libtard stupidity, but it's just so damn obvious already! There is nothing I can say that would make them look any worse than they make themselves.

    1. Btw I consider myself a somewhat liberal conservative leaning toward liberal. I don't know wtf they define "liberal" as for themselves. Mentally deficient maybe? Makes me sick.

  4. Looks to me like he's gone all Scooby Doo and the gang over an extra p in two separate occurences of a word.

    Maybe that's the fear p everyone is always going on about.

  5. First the Inflate-A-Boy was going on about how the Russians were trying to hack his twitter account and now Bill. More proof that Bill IS the Inflate-A-Boy. Also proof that Bill is still a very stupid man. Also proof that Bill is exactly the type that does the whole #Resistance thing not knowing or caring that a lot of it is being orchestrated directly from the Kremlin.
    Personally I'd find the whole thing hysterical if it weren't so sad. Bunch of very stupid people yelling about Russian collusion being led by the nose by the Russians. You really can't make this shit up.

  6. #BillSchmalfeldt hashtag is now running on GAB. A good way to introduce the GAB community to just exactly what kind of deranged DUMBUCK might be investigating.


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