Um, Roy?

Was it a dude? Because that is quite a lot worse. Just ask Kevin Spacey.

I mean, Hollywood hasn’t airbrushed Roman Polanski away, have they?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Um, Roy?”

  1. "I have no experience forcing myself on women,..."

    Hell yes he couldn't force himself on women even if he tried. They would take one look at him, and run away ("Look at that neck, look at those eyes! That has to be one fucked up dude!!")

    So far he can only PAY for women, and the one we know about wasn't really a woman at all, she was Japanese Tranny.

  2. Who does this remind you of?

  3. When Bill dropped a lulzsuit WITH prejudice where the suit claimed defamation for being called a rapist; then I would think he actually may be legally considered as having admitted experience forcing himself on a woman.

    Or am I reading the dropping with prejudice incorrectly?

  4. Like usual, Cousin Bill is lying.

    There is physical evidence for one rape, and reason to believe there are others.

    As for his orientation, well, let’s just say that men who are victimized by rape have extremely strong social and psychological pressures to not report it...just like women.

    Fortunately, times are changing.

    The only thing saving Cousin from being savaged by the press, is the fact that he is a *nobody*, of interest to only those he has crossed.

    In other news, Deb Frisch is now a fugitive felon, having missed a court date where her parole was to be revoked for violations. If captured, she faces 24 years in prison.


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