The Mask Slips

Breitbart Unmasked, a website run by Bill Schmalfeldt who reports to no one, recently tweeted the following:

So a website run by Bill Schmalfeldt says that child rappist Bill Schmalfeldt is “a nobody who knows nothing…”



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “The Mask Slips”

  1. I read that tweet and was, at first, eye rolling as usual to his stale old rollout of "Prove that I have lied" or whatever the claim du jour is.

    It then occurred to me how this, and much of his writing, is quite the demonstration of bathos. He punches the buttons for his grandiloquent defense of Truth or his Honor or whatever and then ruins it with his usual games, this round its "prove it!" and everyone knows that no proof will ever be read or admitted or accepted or understood and who really cares anyway. He just looks ridiculous going on and on again with his usual drivel and is the poster child for bathetic.

    When you realize that has been his story his entire pointless life it then becomes the very model of sad miserable tragedy.

    There was a reason that old ad campaign of "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" was successful and memorable.
    Could have done anything. This. Just this.

  2. His fiance? I have seen no proof that they are engaged. There has been no engagement announcement published in a paper. No fawning pictures of an engagement ring on social media. No wedding invitations, or at least a "Save the Date" mailing. In short, there is noting but the word of a proven liar that they are engaged. Bill Schmalfeldt said that they were going to get married "in a month" more than 4 months ago.

    As Paul said, they both thought they were going to be able to freeload off the other, but both realized (too late) that neither really has the means to freeload off of, and they're hanging out, looking to trade up. Which, in their cases, is the only thing they CAN do, since they have already hitched up with the lowest form of the species.

    1. He's probably stringing her along with the "when the lawsuit is won". She doesn't seem bright enough to realize that there is no winning for them in there. And when he loses, or even if, best outcome for him, it's dismissed, he'll find a way to file another one, and keep delaying the nuptials; each time the "when X" is reached, a new X will be announced. I wonder how many new goal posts it will take before she realizes it will never happen?

    2. What?

      You were expecting wedding invitations?

      Hmmm... Let me get back to you on that. I'll start off by asking the Zombie Horde for suggestions on venue. I'll handle the rest. Need a day or two.

  3. I ran full-steam through the sentence containing the word "rappist", then, after a moment, realised that something seemed a bit unusual.

    Perhaps using a [gangsta?] rap style might suit Bill better than his ponderous, too-slow-for-comfort, uninspiring-character-voices podcast/skit style.

    By the way, anything, up to and including, Bill trying grunge, would be better (this is my opinion, of course) than the JTMP junk that's been foisted on the universe in the last fifteen-or-so years.

    [You can tell I've had too many coffees, today.]

  4. His source for the "story" was convicted conman and present day perjurer bret kimberlin--to a reasonable person that is proof enough.

  5. If the DumbFuck and the John Denver Zombie Blow-up Doll are really engaged, then I wonder where they are registered at:

    Home Depot?


    Omar the Tent Maker?

    The local Liquor Store?

    The local Depends distributor?

  6. wasn't aware that South Carolina recognized marriage between a (sort of ) Human and a blow up doll.

    maybe the delay is from waiting for THAT to become legal.


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