Self Awareness Fail, Part ∞



Poopypants Pundit, heal thyself.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Self Awareness Fail, Part ∞”

  1. He also predicted he would own the houses and wives if the KNOT crew, Grady was going to jail. The Kops were kumming for Krendler and various other ill advised predictions. His ignorance, lack of self awareness, and stupidity make him the perfect lolcow.

      1. Watching Numbnutz contradict himself on the same Twitter account is like watching old Rocky and Bullwinkle shows...

  2. "I JUST POOPED!!!"

    -Bill "valor stealing, Parkinson's faking" Shmalfeldt, attempting to inject himself in a political discourse well above his ability.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt you are cordially invited to parcipate in the the dicussion about you on 8chan.
    You can either defend yourself or you can hide underneath the porch. Your choice.

  4. I give ZERO credibility to the DumbFuck being able to "foresee" anything, because that would mean that he would have to exhibit logic and analytical thinking. And we all know those are NOT his strong suits!

    And as far as his "crystal ball" goes, it probably is just a chipped marble he found while hiding under the porch.

    1. Not only are those not his strong suits, they aren't even his weak suits. Or any suits of his at all.

      (In lieu of suits, I believe he favors muu-muus.)

      From what I gather, the only thing particularly strong about him would be his aroma.

      1. Well, and anything that can hold his weight for more than a few seconds...

        That’s strong!

        BTW, has he gained back all the weight he lost, or is it just bad perspective in recent photos?

  5. He switched to a crystal ball. His magic eight-ball kept saying "Shut the fuck up, Bill."


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