Now Hold On Thar, Baba Looey!


What is this I see?

DUMBFUCK writing a story about a congressman in Texas who is now facing consequences for foolishly sending private pictures to someone, thus losing control over what happens to them next?

I certainly hope DUMBFUCK is not shocked by this revelation.

If anyone would like to see any of the potentially humiliating photos I might or might not possess, and then irresponsibly plaster them across ALL  THE SOCIAL MEDIA…

just let me know.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

22 thoughts on “Now Hold On Thar, Baba Looey!”

  1. Fiance of the toothless inflataskank making toothless threats again...

    Seems to be a recurring theme.

  2. Would one of you please explain 'Preston-Schmalfeldt' to me? Is Preston the pink-haired personages' maiden name?

    Inquiring minds have a idea for a new theme in mind.


    1. Well, my initial thought was that Bill wanted to be a part of WYLD STALYONS, thinking to get in with Bill S. Preston, Esquire. But no. Preston is apparently in the inflate-a-boy's maiden name. Why zhe doesn't already go by it is a mystery, but who knows with this kooky couple.

  3. Ever notice that he has this penchant for hoarding pictures of old nude men?

    Childhood memories?

  4. "Ever notice that he has this penchant for hoarding pictures of old nude men?"

    I am surprised by this, I would have thought that he would be hoarding picture of nude YOUNG men.

    Say about Cub Scout age.

  5. So a single man sends a nude photo to someone he's dating who requested it and she released it to the world without his consent. That makes him a victim. The fact that Bill sees it opposite says a lot about Bill's utter stupidity and lack of morals.

    1. Being a Congresscritter, it also makes him a fucking idiot.

      If you're a grown ass fat guy, don't be sending naked pictures to ANYONE, EVER.

      13 year olds should be taught this. Grown ass men should know it already.

      DUMBFUCK shouldn't have an opinion because it's only by God's love and mercy that we haven't seen his junk shots.

      1. We DID get that pic of his flabby, hail damaged ass once.

        Couldn't be unseen, fo shore...

  6. In an unrelated note, Deb Frisch was captured last night, after a week on the lam for not showing up for a revocation of parole hearing.

    She now faces 24 years in prison for the original charge, plus eight additional felony charges for things she did during that week. She’s 56yo, and likely won’t get out for at least 12 years, if she can behave herself...

    Cuz, you need to start paying Not later. She did nothing worse than what you’ve done.

    Not. A. Thing.

    1. Bill at least hasn't crossed the Rubicon of stupid, he only harasses the people Brett points him at.

      Teh Frisch is going down because she was harassing the courts and police.

      1. Not entirely. Mainly, once she was convicted, she was too crazy to conform her behavior to requirements of probation terms. Like Cabin Boy, she kept up the irrational claims of victimhood with respect to the criminal system. Cabin Boy has mimicked her to a degree and risks the same outcome in the future. You can see that trait in his arguing with judge in the recent RO hearing that he was entitled to violate the law.


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