8 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Hard to bring about metaphorical hangings when you are running away like the sand filled sniveling vagoo you have proven to be.

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt said: "Amazed by the big talk by little cowards who hide behind nicknames. "

    I am not hiding behind a nickname. He knows exactly who I am - it took him three tries to get it right, but he did eventually. He should consider this: of all the people he has named in his eight lawsuits, I believe I am the only one who has ever actually "answered" him - I filed an answer to his suit, in which I denied all of his allegations/claims. I also filed a counterclaim. He has NEVER filed an answer to those claims. Using Billogic, that means he is guilty of all of those claims. I also got the judge to change Bill's dismissal (with prejudice) to accurately reflect that I filed an answer. Bill Schmalfeldt is a fucking liar.

  3. Don't worry, shitbag, SC is not Maryland so hopefully that noose is good and tight.

    As for revealing myself, krendler taught me rule #1 of dealing with you: whatever shitbag wants DENY it.

    So no, shitbag, you can do your best to social engineer who I am, but I'm way better at that game than you. You'll NEVER find out, so fuck off already.

    1. Rule #2: Build a lie that he desperately wants to be true, and he will NEVER allow himself to be shaken from it.

      This works especially well if the truth he wants is in on building the lie.

  4. Rule #3:

    Tell the truth, but tell truths Cousin Bill doesn’t like:

    Roy Schmalfeldt is my real name. Bill Schmalfeldt lacks the smarts and resources necessary to find me.

    He’s also a rapist, as much as he may deny it.

    Bill Schmalfeldt is responsible for how very much his life sucks. Every bit of it.

    The Pedobomber is not his friend.

    1. I am guessing its just a matter of days before The Dread Pedo figures out that Cabin Boy is a liability to him. Then all that projection of his about "someone" rolling over on everyone else is going to come home to roost. And when Dread Pedo figures out that his tiny little non profit empire is evaporating, he will depart for whereever his money laundering is centered.

      1. Exactly! He has no dog in the SC "fight" so if the midget is done using the shitbag as his patsy it will be... now what's the phrase I'm looking for?... "Adios muchacho"


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