Sure You Would, DUMBFUCK

…instead of cyberstalking and cyberharassing people, playing pretend journalist, creating blog after blog, Twitter account after Twitter account, failed free trial period internet radio stations one after the other…

…just like you do now?

You’d really go back and change your ways, when you can’t even change your ways now?

Your balloon animal with the mouth that looks like a vandalized graveyard must be just so pleased to know how much you’ve remained exactly the same useless piece of shit you have always been.

Such a big bed you have made. And shat in. Enjoy sleeping in it.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “Sure You Would, DUMBFUCK”

  1. That struck me as odd too. He knew she was dying. Hell, he diagnosed her himself with about 20 different terminal illnesses. Yet he never changed. He sat and he hated. And trolled. And lied. And doxxed. And harassed. Useless pile of shit will never change. Hey Stolen Valor, you set a wedding date yet like you promised your Boy Toy you would? Has he figured out you lied yet?

  2. We see that the Fidiot has gone back to his default mode, which is LYING!

    Instead of hugging and kissing her it would be more like:

    "Hey Bitch! Get me a sammich and JWR! Can't you see I have Stage Eleventy!11!! Parkinsons!

    And while you are here, clean up my poop stains!"

    That is the True Fidiot!

  3. And I bet he'd take even more inappropriate photos of his dying wife, and post them all OVER the internet, and then blame John, Paul, and me (again). What a fucking liar......

    If he ever actually admits that he sent that photo of his dying wife to more than 6 different email addresses.... ah, what am I thinking? He ALWAYS lies.

    1. Fat impotent racist turd hasn't thumped anything... ever.

      Cowardly pussies never do.

  4. He couldn't be bothered to step away from his flame wars long enough to spend time with her when he bloody well knew that her time was short. What a wicked lie, to say he would cherish her!

    Phone, train.

    1. Good point, Dianna.

      Given his track record, the only thing he ever cherished was using her as ammo in his internet flame wars.


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