6 thoughts on “Schmalfeldt on Welfare”

  1. "Tommy" doesn't look like he has missed any handed out cookies... or much of anything else edible in his entire fat existence.

  2. Legal experts in Myrtle Beach assure me that this video is illegal under the American Deadbeat Act.

  3. Bill was always too disabled to work or drive until he wasn't anymore. So why doesn't the lazy fat fuck get a job now? Doesn't he realize what a parasite he is on the taxpayer? Hell, he could sit in his bargain bin fat cart and be a greeter at Walmart. Or is he just one of those people who will tell any lie necessary in order to suck the public tit dry while sitting home on his fat lazy ass?

    1. Walmart doesn't even have greeters anymore, I don't think, but I think he was motivated onto the disability retirement as much by his likely impending dismissal for incompetence as by the laziness that engenders the incompetence.


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