14 thoughts on “Rebranding Alert!”

  1. Dam, bill schmalfeldt needs to up his game, talk about a meltdown.


  2. He totally OWNS @Nut-Shuffling_DUMBFUCK, but he would probably misspell it if he chose it.

  3. Management reminds you no bets can be place on re-branding. We stopped that at end of August.

    Too Fast. Too Furious. Too Exhausting.

    However comma. If you still want the action you can check Vegas. Bettor beware.

  4. Does he have to personally notify all 3 followers (and 2 are bots)? I knew he wouldn't pick @schmalfefeldt_dental_care with the soulmate v2.0 still around.

  5. Seems Bill Schmalfledt is insulating that wiry.com image of the WIRY Radio Station is in fact his studio where he works
    The following has been sent to wiry@wiry.com
    (Note: Links are live)

    WIRY Should File A DMCA Take Down Notice Against @BreitbitNewsNet / http://www.breitbitnews.com 

    This is to inform you that a WIRY image is being falsely used represent a web based radio station and that it would benefit WIRY to immediately file a DMCA take down notice. The WIRY image can be found here  http://www.breitbitnews.com/2017/10/02/midday-update-10217/
    http://www.breitbitnews.com  and @BreitbitNewsNet (Twitter) is operated by a court documented cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt who has over 12 restraining orders and is a documented child pornographer. Besides Bill Schmalfeldt insinuating the WIRY image is depicting his studio, it should be clear why WIRY should file a DMCA take down notice against Bill Schmalfeldt and http://www.breitbitnews.com as soon as possible.
    It is of note that Bill Schmalfeldt is documented for faking illness...
    Google Bill Schmalfeldt for more information

  6. Cute he added "(not pictured above)", not how it is done.

    The Breitbit News Network Midday Update, recorded during our live broadcast from our glass enclosed broadcast nerve center in Myrtle Beach, SC, (not pictured above) [...]"

    1. Here is all you need to know about bill schmalfeldt.

      He is--or was the last time I checked--hosting a picture on his website that he copied from another site. On his site he is running/using scripts to disable high lighting and copying pictures and text--or so he thinks. He may be running those scripts but my computer does what I tell/want it to do not what a website owner wants. In my comment above the text in the blockquote is a direct high light and copy paste.

      If I want to copy from his site then I will dam well do so.


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