Nobody deserves a “nice job” for fooling Bill Schmalfeldt…fooling Bill Schmalfeldt is the human equivalent of faking the throw for your dog to watch him chase nothing.

Fooling Bill Schmalfeldt is a warm-up for fooling pre-schoolers with the “got your nose!” trick.

Fooling Bill Schmalfeldt is so easy that Three Card Monte dealers play straight with him and still win.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “Pro-Tip”

  1. Wait.. he's admitting that, he, Bill Schmalfeldt, the purveyor of Parody, someone who easily recognizes parody when he sees it.. gets.. fooled.. by.. a parody account?

    Just how fucking stupid can you get? I'm sure he's not going to disappoint.

    1. Every time we ask that, Schmalballz takes it as a challenge and does something stupider. You could set your Tag Heuer by it.

    1. No way that account belongs to a real soldier. Too many fundamental mistakes on how guns and suppressors work, unless the person behind the account is just deliberately lying like the majority of anit gunners.

  2. Well, when one struggles with and fails a simple game of "higher or lower", it doesn't bode well for any other decisions in life.

    1. BTW, has anyone seen that infamous youtube clip lately? It doesn't seem to be up there anymore.

      1. If you're referring to the 2 minute spoof video with "U Can't Touch This" playing in the background, I could not find it on youtube either, but it is still available from another provider. It can also be found here, Meet Bill Schmalfeldt, if you scroll down the page a little.

  3. Deb Frisch is up for sentencing for violating her parole on a charge of felony harassment, today, in Colorado; Cousin Bill could learn something from this...or not.


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