6 thoughts on “Not Actually Quote For Today”

  1. Whoopie Goldberg and Bill Schmalfeldt.
    Were is their Dr. Kevorkian?

    Happy to contribute to their obamacare deductibles if that's the problem.

  2. And now it is being reported that liberal Democrat donor Weinstein allegedly raped three women.

    Funny how the left doesn't seem that interested.

    I will remember that the next time Schmalbalz or the rest of the lefty "mysoginistic president pussy grabber blah blah blah" start bleating about the poor abused womynz...

    If you don't care when one of your lefty megadonors abuse women, then kindly go fuck yourself about your concern trolling about the womynz.

    1. Ted Kennedy. Bill Clinton.

      As long as their politics are left, they can leave women to die.


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