Who Exactly Was Dancing?

You made WJJ Hoge dance, did you?

You mean like this?

Mr. Hoge not only induced you to dance, DUMBFUCK, but he also got Inflataskank and the Anklebiter in on the act, too!

Everyone hit that Hogewash! Tip Jar to express thanks for the virtuoso performance!

And then it was MY turn!

So DUMBFUCK…you’re so deeply knowledgeable about the operations of the US Marshals regarding the service of defendants for poopsniffing pauper pro se prosecutors. Do you expect anyone to believe that you didn’t know all this when you LIED UNDER OATH to a North Carolina Judge about NEEDING to find out Sarah Palmer’s current address so you could share it with the U.S. Marshals, when you were actually using that as a transparent pretense to harass her?


Of course by this point, you were really feeling that Monkey Dance groove, because you went off on your own little tangent!

Answer: Nothing of consequence.

I’m not a party to this case, regardless of what you think you can or cannot prove, DUMBFUCK.  But I am smart enough to understand why Mr. Nettles filed a Notice of Appearance on behalf of ALL NAMED DEFENDANTS before a single summons was returned.

Not that I would tell you.  We don’t educate DUMBFUCK monkeys here, no matter how well they dance or how pitifully they beg.

WOW!! Then won’t you look like a genius when Mr. Nettles files that motion on Grady’s behalf!

But will you look like a bigger genius DUMBFUCK or a lesser genius DUMBFUCK than when you tried to add DOE, POE & ROE (YOUR BOAT) defendants to your lawsuit?


Now…where was I?

How is that gonna look?  Perfectly legal.  Perfectly ethical.  Perfectly reasonable.  Three concepts with which you have EXACTLY ZERO FAMILIARITY.

I could explain to you, because – as always – Smarter. Than. You. But around here, we don’t make this happen:

We make this happen:

“May” be wrong? MAY? So have you sent your friendly little email yet? Did the response from Mr. Nettles, a REGULAR READER of Hogewash! who volunteered his time and talents to defend against your vexatious lawsuit for reasons you will never fathom, PROCEED AS I HAVE FORESEEN?

I suppose we won’t know different unless you publish it…but if I’m right, you never will.  And if I’m wrong…you’ll publish because I made you do it! And you know what that means, don’t you?


And what a convenient segue into John Hoge’s TKPOTD!  Where he MAKES YOU DANCE SOME MORE!

Who says he can’t pay for an adult attorney to sanely kick your ass back to the Stone Age?

Sure you did.  Let’s see it, lying, racist motherfucking DUMBFUCK.

Oh…no more unseemly than

  1. getting a new driver’s license and a car seven years after giving it up because MUST_BIND_THE_CAPTIVE_NURSE, I mean, PARKINSON’S!!! and then
  2. giving it up again as soon as you curb-rubbed your tires to death, acquired a new, inflatable captive nurse doll-puppet, abandoned the Really Useful Ashtray Soulmate and hauled your fat ass to South Kakalaky because you thought you found a jurisdictional loophole (Guess what? Fatal flaws are still fatal).

SUUUUUUUURE you will.  But first, build a shelter…

from pigs on the wing.

Well after all the dancing you did last night, I certainly don’t expect to see it before close of business in the east.  Say, did I congratulate you on your recent move into a shit condo a hundred yards from the ocean RIGHT AS HURRICANE SEASON STARTS?

Perfect DUMBFUCK move.  Be sure and get a Sharpie marker and write your SSN on all your extremities so the rescuers can identify your bloated carcass – it’s just the considerate thing to do.

Oh, and because I’m a good guy…for the pain in your monkeydancing, nutshuffling testiclefeet, brought on by yesterday’s copious dance party?

Try Dr. Scholl’s.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

20 thoughts on “Who Exactly Was Dancing?”

  1. Such a beautiful, beautiful thing. He really doesn't know when to quit.

    I have to wonder why he keeps harping on something that he supposedly "knows" I suffered from. How odd for someone that I have a restraining order against to know what I was feeling - especially feelings of supposed humiliation. Good thing he didn't know about the hug I gave the U.S. Marshal to thank him for dropping it by. It would really upset his apple cart to know that we had been partying at Pennsic the week previously. You really *do* meet everyone there. It's kinda crazy. *giggle*

    1. You wanna annoy people in armor? Under the right circumstances, march behind them and mock their cadence:

      "One Chux, Two Chux, Red Chux, Blue Chux."

      It's priceless.

      1. Not that I'm suggesting Mr Federal Marshal was a Chuck, he's clearly local to you, not from Pittsburgh.

    2. YOU HUGGED HIS WELFARE MINION???!!! DUMBFUCK will have to do absolutely nothing about that, won't he?

  2. "... publish the email tomorrow after Mr. Nettles has a chance to read it and respond."

    That there is a Doom Clock. Yep. Bright as day and twice as purty.

  3. Well, shut down the internet for the rest of the week. That, by God, was the most destructive bitch slap EVAH!!!

    1. Of course he did. And thought he was WINNING the whole time. Until it was dismissed. *snort*

      And now, he thinks he's WINNING again...

  4. This is a new take on his old playbook. He's trying to drive a wedge between his victims and their attorney so the attorney will quit, and leave his opponents without council. As I recall, he tried this before, attempting to get Aaron Walker dismissed as incompetent. That worked about as well as expected.

  5. He really doesn't know the difference between in forma pauperis and pro bono?

    One requires begging the court to allow you to not pay the fees, if the court will grant you leave to do so. The other means someone volunteered to represent you for free. Guess which one you are, Dumbfuck?

    I seem to recall a case that was voluntarily dismissed a couple years ago....shortly after someone started looking into a certain litigant's information that was provided on the IFP form....gee, who might THAT have been?

  6. Good golly. I grew up in a fairly "backward" area of the country and the local half-wit would be embarrassed by Bill's seeming inability to learn after repeated failures.
    He's not just stupid [and evil], he's stooooooooooopid. We all know that, but the tenacity he shows by repeatedly demonstrating how true that is almost as astounding as the stoooooooooopidity itself.

  7. That is an astonishing amount of projection by Cabin Boy as he dances the monkey dance for us. And speaking of cowards, First Turd Ferguson felt bold enough to chime into the Feltdown. How amusing.

  8. I find it cute that absolutely no one on Team Pedo has a clue how pro bono works. Literally none of them. How has evolution not taken care of this problem already?


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