12 thoughts on “What A Coincidence!”

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    OH NOES!!! I have been “called out” by the final member of the no talent trifecta, Sub Aerola (aka FiFi Ferguson) or whatever….


    Dude, you are the absolute LAST person on this planet who should be talking yang about their (or anyone elses) musical skills. You stink on ice. You have for a very long time. Electronica is for computer literate losers who think they can compose music, and then let a midi board and a cpu (try to) do all the work.

    And even then you suck.

    You , the talentless midget, and the Malignant Moronic Manatee should get together with your Fisher Price music makers and knock yourselves out trying to become the next AGT winner.

    We’ll be over here laughing at you.


    Oh.... just an aside. If you think that your little transparent attempt to get me to dox myself was going to work, then you are all dumber than I thought (and that bar was pretty fucking low).

    I know enough about music, composition, and theory to know that every single member of Team Pedobomber sucks beyond words at everything.... ESPECIALLY music.

    So kindly fuck off and die in a fire, shit bag.

      1. I got a good chuckle out of it, bro. It's all good.

        Especially given Sub Aereola's lack of talent for getting a computer to spit out melodies. I literally spit out Mountain Dew on my keyboard.


    1. Here is a lot of talent in all the right places



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