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Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “Well, DUMBFUCK?!?”

  1. So Bill manned up and ran away yet again.

    Sure he sent Nettles a letter. And the person he had sex with on the stage in japan was a woman. Riiiiiight ....

  2. Were I to guess, Drunkenstein didn't get the answer he expected, so he's doing what he always does - pretending it didn't happen at all.

  3. William 'Bill' DumbF5ck Schmalfeldt promised all of us his correspondence with Mssr. Nettles today.

    There was a implied Doom Clock too. Bill said he would release his email after Nettles had time to read it.

    Well? WELL? Channeling Judge Smales here-

    And yeah, you'd think any normal person wouldn't throw a Doom Clock at themselves; but he did. Don't blame me; I report you decide. Maryland courts will back me up on this one.

    Doom Clock didn't go off. Just like all the others. You'd think some people could learn. And you'd be right; but not about Bill Schmalfeldt. The boy just ain't right.

    Here's how it was supposed to go:

    Schmalfeldt (vial email): "Yo, Nettles. WJJH has beaucoup dollahs (link HERE) and you're being taken advantage of. Not right. Any decent human being, having noted being taken advantage of, would back off immediately. Drop the Pro Bono thing. Ummm... What's the difference between that and having a court-appointed lawyer based on fraudulent IFP status?"


    Schmalfeldt: And. Since you've been so egregiously wronged you won't mind handing me inside info on all Hoge and et. al machinizatons you're aware of.


    Regardless, Bill's warm happy place tingles. Considerably. And that's enough.

    Tomorrow is another day.

    Roll tape.


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