Lying Racist Motherfuckers Gotta DUMBFUCK

Can we agree that a stalker has reached the “point of ridiculous” when he starts scraping the HTML code under your site, looking to prove the falsehoods he has convinced himself are true?

“…perhaps the has another expiation…?”  But it’s Patrick Grady who needs to learn to read…got it.  

And let’s also note that in the first string of tweets above, DUMBFUCK lies and says, “BTW: I said no such thing.” I think it’s safe to assume that Mr. GS-13 Clarity Who Parses Every Syllable He Writes But Infallibly Assumes The Precise And Exact Meaning Of Every Word He Reads is referring to the notion that he has never said his building has an elevator…

Of course he hasn’t!  “24 floors up, no prob. Great view.”

But strictly speaking, he didn’t actually say that “his” building has an elevator…nor did he say that “his” building has 24 floors. Or a great view.

But he’s a lying racist motherfucker.  We all know that.

Or if we don’t know it, we can assume it.

The same way he assumes that he knows who I am, based on unconnected assumptions and nebulous hearsay from blog commenters that will never, ever be authenticated.

You know why DUMBFUCK doesn’t know who I am or where I live?

Because (unless there’s a psyop running) I NEVER post pictures like these:

…that provide enough background information for a 7 year old to figure out the exact spot they were taken.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Lying Racist Motherfuckers Gotta DUMBFUCK”

  1. I suppose its possible he took a room in that downscale converted hotel for a few days or a week in anticipation of a move. What's a another lease to break or bedbug trap to flee, anyway? But we all know he still had to gallup up he stairs to take that photo, and back down again. And "might" have since been seen doing so.

    1. That condo-converted motel doesn't have one for guests/tenants. Its stairs stairs stairs. He climbs up and down. Laundromat is down the street.

  2. Fire hydrant neck
    Tree stump neck
    Laardvark neck
    King Peeonkiddies neck
    Fat, bourbon-swilling grifter neck
    Bottom-dwelling scum sucking racist liar neck

    Ya big fat freak

  3. Woo-Hoo!! I hit the big time! And a nerve evidently. Aside from attempting to Humpty-Dumpty pretty much everything he says, the SchFailfeldt is like a great many liars. He believes that more 'explanation' will make his lies true. It would be funny from a non-sociopath perhaps.

      1. If he included me I'd probably just retire and devote the rest of my life to keeping too busy to harass others. Beats shuffleboard I bet. My academic research skills might be of assistance to others. I don't do Con Law, but I do know how to dig.

  4. Some time after you proclaim I'm a felon based on a mch thin assumption and deathly spectacular leap of logic.
    Oh, and after you keep on harping on it endlessly in the stupid assumption you always try to make that you can anger someone and they will then slip and give you the critical detail you need to connect all the dots and finis! the doxx. You watch way to much bad TV.

    Stupid looks you up in the user manual when it forgets how to do its job.


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