Let’s Just Say…

You should plan to lose your internet access, and none of your inflatable boyfriend’s sex toys will work either.

But not to worry!

If you shop wisely, you can multi-task with the right kind of candles.




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “Let’s Just Say…”

  1. Rumor has it that Walmart REO Beetuswagons don't do too well in EMP environments.

    You will be forced to get off your lazy ass and waddle.

  2. .... and now he is rebranding with a dumbass ripoff of GoT.

    I don't think that dumbass racist motherfucker has had an original idea in his misbegotten existence.

  3. If an H-bomb airbursts over the Pacific, does a dumbfuck in Cackistan make a sound?

    Too damn right he does. Problem is getting him to shut up. Maybe if we airburst on him personally?

      1. I'd pay a dollar to watch him go whackadoo when the current rams home.

        That is if the electrodes are actually in there and hey didn't just put him in the control group to shut him up.

        "hey Bob, I've got this battleship anchor I got suckered into hiring eating up my office space, my budget, and quite frankly the sanity of everyone that has to deal with him. Can you please just slip him into your study, give him a couple of knicks with a scalpel and let him be in the control group? He'll call it roof of his PD and we'll be able to disability him out of our hair forever."

        In your heart, you know its plausible.


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