Is Bill Schmalfeldt Just A Grown Up Calvin?

Probably not.  Calvin was blessed was blessed with far more creativity, curiosity, self-awareness and the ability to honestly examine himself and his surroundings at a philosophical level.

The only things that Bill Schmalfeldt really has in common with Calvin is an imaginary friend who is only real when no one is around, and…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Is Bill Schmalfeldt Just A Grown Up Calvin?”

  1. Calvin was adorable. A pain in the ass, but adorable.

    Bill... well, the best I can say is that as an infant, he must have shown some characteristic which convinced his parents that drowning him wasn't the Thing To Do.

    1. He was a "monoplacentel" twin so it's probable that his parents didn't know which one to drown. I get the feeling that Bill got his smarts directly from his parents. IYKWIMAITYD


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