Hey, Retired Writer-Editor DUMBFUCK!

The correct spelling is not “just in case.”

It’s “because I’m a gigantic, weeping pussy.”

Get it right next time, you lying, racist, misogynist, disease-faking, motherfucking coward.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Hey, Retired Writer-Editor DUMBFUCK!”

  1. "You thought YOUR reaction was bad? Shoulda seen me last night when my fiance's cat with poopy feet jumped onto my chest. "

    Probably drooling and squeals of joy, at a guess.

    Coprophiliac, thy name is William "Bill" M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. For the Google bomb.

  2. He really is a world class coward isn't he? Why would he file a police report? Over what? What is his ass chapped about this time?

      1. Well, it is nice of him to inform local LEO's that he's a DUMBFUCK with delusions of relevance. That info will surely be helpful to them at some point before he flees the area.

        1. Not to worry, I *always* make sure local law inforcement is informed of Cousin Bill's history, whenever he changes jurisdiction(s).

          It makes their attitude towards his reports of "CHRAIIIMS!" much more relaxed...

      2. I can just hear him, "Officer my life is being threatened by Alt Right Nazis. They have been persecuting me for years for no reason." No mention of the 8 times he sued people for butthurt, no mention of the threats he's made to people's families, no mention of his doxes, no mention of his 12 restraining orders.

        1. BS: "They are threatening my beautiful fiance! She is very vulnerable out there shopping for me because I'm disabled!"
          PO: "Beautiful fiance?"
          BS: "Yes! She could be harmed!"
          PO: "Um.. have you seen your fiance recently?"
          BS: "Yes! Why?"
          PO: "Oh, nothing. You wear glasses, I see. When did you get those?"
          BS: "What do my glasses have to do with this?"
          PO: *sniffs.. face cringes.. "Wait, what's that smell?"
          BS: "Oh, it's the cat poop on my pajama shirt. It happened during the Lawrence O'Donnell rant on MSNBC."
          PO: "Who?"
          BS: "Lawrence O'Donnell? You've never heard of him?"
          PO: "No. Well, Mr. Schmalfeldt, thanks for the info. I'm sure your fiance will be fine, but you should really wash that shirt."
          BS: "I will when that ho-bitch finishes making my breakfast."
          PO: *blinks* - "Right. We'll call you if we come up with anything."
          BS: "Thanks" *farts..
          PO: *eyes watering.. "Ugh. bye.."


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