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  1. Not scared so much as irritated beyond belief and perhaps unwilling to arm herself and if he shows up end the problem appropriately.

    1. Always thought anybody dealing directly with these psychopaths should be armed.
      And Dangerous.

      What is the penetration force of a 40 cal through layers of Moby Dicks?

      1. I keep both a few .45s and swords, to say nothing of my own personal training.

        Steel is a religion.

        Laptop, home, and still nobody's business but my own.

        1. Pointy things with sharp edges are a favorite of mine, too. Some of us like to get up close and personal at times.

    2. I am not someone who intimidates worth a damn. However, I am easily irritated, and would need some sort of help relaxing if I had to deal with the sort of idiocy that BS hands out. So I know exactly how Ash feels. She doesn't care if Bill sues her - he's too stupid to make it stick - but she really, really, really does not need him invading her personal space all the time, as he feels entitled to do.

      This is why he has restraining orders by the dozen, and still can't figure out why this keeps happening.

      Laptop, home, and (ahem!) none of your freaking business, Bill Schmalfledt.

  2. And he, of course, is a giant sand-filled pussy who has fled from state to state "where no man pursueth,"

    1. Usually it's "write what you steal" with DF, but this was a case of "write what you know and see every day".

  3. Amazing how Dumbfuck thinks that if someone says, "It's none of your business" then that is some kind of ATTACK on him. I mean, how the hell else do you explain him somehow thinking that "It's none of your business" is something someone wouldn't say to a fucking fucktard who was asking for shit that was none of his business?

    Personally, I think this is Dumbfuck's way of confessing that he has terrorized enough people that he *KNOWS* what a genuinely fearful reaction ought to be. Which, incidentally, is all the more reason that people need ROs against that pile of shit.

  4. Okay Horde, Kyle sez we should start calling Bwilly SchmallBalls StupidFuck, which reminded me that years ago when I have my own blog (Mr Minority, it is still there) I research the different classification of Stupid, they as follows:

    - lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted
    - a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment
    - having an IQ of 50 to 69.
    - a dunce; blockhead; dolt
    - having a mental age of seven or eight years and an IQ of 25 to 50.
    - an utterly foolish or senseless person
    - having a mental age of less than three years old and an IQ under 25

    Based on this ranking, I deem Bwilly SchmallBalls an IDIOT.

    And to further clarify, he is a Fidiot, the conjunction of Fucking Idiot.

    From this day forward, Bwilly SchmallBalls is:

    KOBH Bwilly the FIDIOT

    (KOBH = King of Butt Hurt)

  5. Overcoming terror is called bravery. No wonder Schmallballs is so clueless about her.

    1. He is also clueless about bravery... and honor... and selflessness... and basic hygiene.


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