Because If Anyone Knows About Taking the Beef From Daddy…

…it’s our lying, racist, misogynist pal in Myrtle Beach!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

25 thoughts on “Because If Anyone Knows About Taking the Beef From Daddy…”

  1. And according to Bill, in one of his own books, it was his late wife who was walking around wondering "Where's the beef?", because his "PD" prevented him from delivering. I guess the new captive nurse is the one delivering it now.

  2. Rumor has it that the inflata-ho dresses up like a cub scout when she is pegging a certain fat racist turd.

  3. Does this idiot ever #RESIST his constant urge to mention male homosexual references? Hey about you #RESIST the urge to stay IN the closet...........and just come OUT!! You could be so much happier and believe me when i tell you that NO ONE will think any LESS of you.

    1. Well, that's because it's not possible to think any less of Bill. The fact that he is a frustrated, closeted gay man who vehemently denies it is just one more lie he tells, and one more reason we think he is worse than pond scum.

      1. At least he is finally openly living with a man even if it's just a cheap worn out Inflate-A-Boy doll he found in a dumpster.

    1. A definite improvement in looks. I had to look away at the last picture of teh Inflate-A-Boy doll.

      Fair use? I think so, but also BETTER use.

  4. Something is really, really wrong with xer. And, I'm not solely referring to xer mirror-shattering, eye-blinding, physical characteristics.

    1. That fact that she finds the Moron Manatee appealing in any way whatsoever reenforces the idea that his/her/xir/zits brain is non functional.

      Of course being the ugliest fucking thing on the planet doesn't help the inflata-ho either.

  5. Cabin Boy has been hanging on Mensch's constant stream of insane nonsense that he has erotica fantasies of The Marshall of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile it turns out that she has been credulously repeating intentional garbage fed to her as a false flag.

    1. That probably has to do with the fact that Mensch is easy on the eyes, whereas the thing he actually gets to lay hands on is kinda like Medusa except you want to kill yourself rather than turn to stone when you look at it.

  6. Can you someone explain to me how Brett Kimberlin, a 5 foot nothing pipsqueak supposedly escaped being a child bride himself in prison.

    All the bullshit aside about him being a mob lawyer while inside, >coughcough< , he would have been 1st place in the new fish beauty pageant.

    I can't believe he wasn't biting the pillow after lights out.

      1. He didn't have the balls to do as I did ... put a lock in a sock and bash the first fellow that attempts to touch you ... sure I spent time in the hole for doing so, but no one tried after that!


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