And I Said, Oh, Boy…Right Again!

Let’s celebrate Krendler being right again with a video from the late (not actually dead, thanks, Neal!) genius performance artist Laurie Anderson.

To understand the title of this post, you only need to listen for 30 seconds.  To understand Laurie Anderson’s genius takes a lot longer.

I like this one even more:

P.S. The only defendant who hasn’t received a summons, according to PACER, is Patrick Grady. Doesn’t that kind of make you wonder if he really lives where DUMBFUCK thinks he does? Hmm….


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

26 thoughts on “And I Said, Oh, Boy…Right Again!”

  1. If I was a supposedly disabled resident of 2600 S. OCEAN BLVD., #105 Myrtle Beach, SC, which is within 100 yards of the beach I would be making my arrangements to be the fuck out of dodge by Sunday night Monday morning at the lateness

    1. He'll be fine, he's on the second floor. Getting the hoopty back from Jesus the Hispanic Repo Man and driving inland would be dangerous.

      1. I believe #105 is on the first, or as it is more popularly known, "The drowning floor"

        1. Well, roads are getting packed. He's still probably better off staying where he is.

          Plus, it could be a once in a lifetime show!

        2. Roy -

          That's kinda my point, but I'm trying to be encouraging.

          Kinda like when Cartman thought he could fly, Kyle yelled "I believe in you, fatass! Jump!"

          Because I'm just a helpful guy.

    1. I like how long a tear he went on over this, inventing and soundly defeating a motion to dismiss that never existed, even in twitter-court. That pig squeals the loudest, no matter how slightly you twist his tail.

  2. The seismic meters on S Ocean Blvd are scribbling. Must be a monkey dance in progress..

    Oh, will you look at that..

    There is so much he doesn't understand about the process of service.. just so much.. how cute..

  3. I think he needs to talk to an attorney he is wrong as hell on his count down. Maybe read the FRCP or for that matter his own docket.

    1. It won't help. He just turns the FRCP into gibberish, as he did above. He confuses basic terms and relates things that have no relation. Like his "permissive joinder" gibberish.

  4. Fuck him.

    Let him spew his idiocy on Twitter thinking he has it all figured out…

    … and let Nettles eat his fucking lunch.

    Oh, and by the way, you fat, malignant, piece of manatee shit… Nettles [REDACTED - don't educate the dancing monkey - PK] the victims of your bullshit lulzsuit.

    As you have been already told.


    But go right ahead and drop him a “friendly” note, Dumbfuck.

    He’ll tell you to go pack sand.

    Here’s hoping that the hurricane packs it for you.



    What else is triggering for you?

    Sharp, pointy things that risk jeopardizing your inflated status?
    Acting your age?
    Not dying your hair like a fucking junior high school attention whore?
    Not being a fucking melodramtic drama queen on twitter?

    Do tell!!

    1. How much of an emotional cripple do you have to be to think that Bill Schmalfeldt is a catch and your soulmate?

      People have been institutionalized for less .

  6. Wait. What? So the vile defamations of The Horde and The Lickspittles ARE NOT preventing him from finding an apartment?

  7. Congrats to Mr Hoge and Mr Krendler for the EPIC MONKEY DANCING of the Cabin Boy. I always love it when Twitter Attorney at Law Bill shows up and shares his legal brilliance during one of his feltdowns. His monkey dancing the past 24 hours was one for the record books. Thank you John and Paul, we each owe you a debt of gratitude.

    I can't wait to see the letter pro se Twitter Attorney at Law Bill Schmalfeldt sent to Mr Nettles. The next 24 - 48 hours are looking very good for some more epic monkey dancing by the Cabin Boy. Fingers crossed!!


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