Why Is That Number So Familiar?


Oh!  The same as the number of restraining orders that DUMBFUCK has earned for his cyberstalking.

Of course, he still has to file four more LOLSUITS to get to that many that never even made it to trial.

Just in case Fifi the ankle biter needs to be reminded what a case “doomed from the jump” looks like.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “Why Is That Number So Familiar?”

  1. It might be a fun exercise to count how many "counts" there have been in Lulzsuits I - VII, all of which he lost, some hilariously.

    My absolute favorite argument of Drunkenstein's is "I never lost on the merits!"

    Well, no. Of course you didn't. You're far too stupid to have gotten close to a trial. That's not something that people typically brag about.

    So how about we start a SCOREBOARD everybody!

    Number of times HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE has filed a lawsuit: 2. Number of times that he's gotten to trial: 1.

    50%. Not bad for a non-lawyer.

    Number of times Oliver Wendell Jones has filed a lulzsuit: 8. Number of times that he's gotten to trial: 0

    Math isn't my strong suit, but I think that's a much lower percentage.

      1. Would'ja look at that!

        37 counts, all lost. Nearly three times what Hoge lost.

        Quelle surprise.

        1. Well, like you said, he'll claim it was never on the merits, but he'll never get to trial until he can write a complaint that meets the requirements for a federal lawsuit.He always claims that Hoge is a horrible Pro-Se, and that Aaron Walker is the World's Worst Attorney, but he's not exactly tearing it up as a plaintiff. He boasts about the significance of his LOLsuit, but for whatever reason, it never materializes.. well, the LOLing always happens, just not the consequences he yammers about.

        2. And since a bunch of those were dismissed with prejudice (whether by Mr. Bill or the court), then yes, they were effectively lost on the merits. As in, they didn't merit anymore of the courts time because they were that insipid and poorly pled. I've shown his complaints to other people (including several lawyers). After they stopped laughing (and one needed CPR 'cause his diaphragm seized up), they complained that I had to have made it up. They insisted that no one could be that incompetent (in law talking and mentally). I just gave them links to the dockets. That shut them up.

  2. He's full of bluster today, as well as what he's more generally full of. Reality will take care of that relatively soon. Right now I assume he's in that state that follows what Churchill said about having been shot at and missed.
    He may not be interested in reality, but . . .


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