Very Helpful to the Defense

…when the plaintiff is a slobbering transient sack of grease who makes Forrest Gump look like Albert Einstein by comparison.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Very Helpful to the Defense”

  1. I want video [outside the courtroom of course] of him using a refrigerator dolly to haul in his Binders Full of Butthurt. Then a report on how he responded when the judge wouldn't let him enter all the butthurt into evidence.
    The case will never make it to court, but I'd love to see that.
    OTOH, with a good counter suit maybe that or something much, much worse will befall him.

  2. Let's see:

    1. All those folders of "evidence" of defamatory remarks for his first six LOLsuits - cases dismissed for almost every reason under the sun, including "Comes now Wiliam M. Schmalfeldt, Sr."

    2. All those folders of "evidence" of defamatory remarks for his case in Illinois - case dismissed by plaintiff William Schmalfeldt.

    3. All those folders of "evidence" of defamatory remarks for his defense in North Carolina - defendant gets a one year No Contact order and is ADJUDICATED a CYBERSTALKER and a CYBERHARASSER.

    3. All those folders of "evidence" of defamatory remarks for his case in South Carolina - would have been more useful as fuel for the fire in your hotel, DUMBF5CK!

  3. Still-a-FatAss is a gold medalist in the Special Olympics event of Dumbfuckery Decathlon.

    Did he and his twin the Bobber share a brain, i.e. Bobber got most of it?

  4. I love it when the Twitter Attorney at Law attempts to project confidence, while actually only demonstrating his complete lack of understanding of the legal process. Remember Bill, there is nothing more important than attempting to taunt your opponents on Twitter. Courts love this, especially Federal Courts.

  5. He's never going to get to trial. He will face, yet another dismissal and a whole tidal wave of PLM.

    All he'll have is binders of butthurt that will never heal.

  6. Is "Into the Folder" an euphemism that Sir DumbFuck uses to mean he is sticking up his Manatee ASS?


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