This Is Interesting

Piece of shit.
Mental defective.

But the only thing he wants to quibble on is “racist?”


  1. Not Grady;
  2. Since LOLSUIT VIII is as DOOOOOOOOOMED as LOLSUITS I-VII, Grady is never coming to Florence;
  3. Remember Rule #1 of courtroom interrogation.
  4. You didn’t think I was going to tell you what Rule #1 of courtroom interrogation is, did you?
  5. “Be proud of the filth in your head!”

Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “This Is Interesting”

  1. Brett never remembers that one either.

    How is Grady? If he is going through a divorce, it can be a bitch. And, sadly, worth it in the long run.

  2. Even if you were Grady, you still probably wouldn't be going to Florence.

    If you get a case of the sniffles, you can just tell the judge to go fuck himself and it'll fine.

        1. How about this guy?

  3. Hey Bill, remember the time you called a black man you didn't like "boy"? That's pretty racist you piece of shit. You earned the title racist, now live with it.

    1. Something about "the darkies" leaving America in the 1860s comes to mind, too.

      (Krendler can edit the comment to show the tweet. I'm too dumb to figure it out myself.)

      Of course, a racist DUMBFUCK will plead that this was satire .... just like all blackface.

  4. Bill forgets that among the eleventymillion crude insults he has tossed out in his sad life, there are several that play on stereotypes and will make him look bad. He thinks the judge will sympathize with some variation of "Yeah, I called his wife an Asian mail order bride, but that was just to piss him off. I love asians!"

    He is always surprised when people treat him the way everyone else expects him to be treated, given his issues. Reading the transcripts at his last no stalking order hearing you can almost hear the confusion in his voice..."Why doesn't the judge GET it??? How can she not see that I am the injured party? Is this mic on? tap tap. tap tap.


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