I can’t wait for the happy day when I get to meet a DUMBFUCK and show him our special family throat punch. But, here I sit, comfortably unidentified in DUMBFUCK’s eighth doomed LOLSUIT, the latest in a long line of attempts, none of which ever survived a motion to dismiss. You heard about that, right?  DUMBFUCK? Lost? Seven in a row, guaranteed eight?

Regarding SPQRZilla? He already knows what DUMBFUCK is going to do. Best part is, SO DO WE ALL!


I sure am glad I don’t delete comments like big, BWAVE BIWWY does, the fucking nutless pussy.


Why would a nutless DUMBFUCK who is so all-fired proud of himself leave comments on my blog and not use his own email address?  What good does it do to use another address, and even go so far as posting from a proxy server in Utah (go ahead, look up and see what it tells you), when everyone knows he’s sitting in a crappy motel chair in Fartknock South Kakalacky diligently avoiding having to look at the hideous balloon animal (seriously, wouldn’t you do the same)?


I’m sure SPQR Roberts will have to deal with the consequences of his sharp-witted delivery of epic butthurtiness, in the same way as Patrick Grady, Eric Johnson, Sarah Palmer and John Hoge – with much pointage, laughery and mockification of a DUMBFUCK.  Why should SPQR be any different? And Roy! Boy, if DUMBFUCK could actually remember which relative of his Roy is, I’m sure Roy would be in line for just as many injurious LULZ as any other member of Team Free Speech DUMBFUCK has ever pissed his sweatpants over. Roy’s the one who called DUMBFUCK a rapist, remember, and then DUMBFUCK added him to one of his DOOMED LOLSUITS (that one was #4, wasn’t it? It’s so easy to lose count) before dismissing that suit WITH PREJUDICE and ending forever any legal argument over the merits of whether he’s a rapist or not. (Hint: I’ll bet it’s a choice he wishes he could take back, but am I talking about the dismissal or the rape? Or is this an “Embrace the Power” moment?) Roy will never ever have to defend that statement in court, because DUMBFUCK ran like the sub-moronic coward he is.

The little birds peeking in the window of a certain first floor room in a certain no-tell Roach Motel inform me that someone likes to smear mayonnaise all over himself, then roll in the litter box naked and beat himself with audio cables while moaning “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!  HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! “

But that’s none of my business.

And finally, remember: you don’t get sued for talking about DUMBFUCKS WHO LIKE TO PEE ON CHILDREN, people. You have to go that extra step and make their bony widdle butts scweam in pain! SO DO BETTER AND JOIN THE TEAM.

Hope this helps.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

31 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. HOLY CRAP, Batman!!!

    CONTENT WARNING!! My frikken retinas!!! I can't see!!!

    That is one ugly azz blow up boyfriend.

    Feel sorry for the cat.

    1. Now that I've seen that picture, I almost feel like I should apologize to Rauhauser for implying they are the same person. Rauhauser, for all his many, many faults, even the teeth, is unmistakably prettier.

  2. When that zit pops..............

    Hey, Mangina Boy:


    He who laughs last, laughs best! N'cesr Pa?


  3. If I'm not mistaken, it was just last week that a DUMBFUCK was arguing that if moderate or delete comments, you're legally responsible for the content of ALL the comments.

    I guess it's good thing no one comments on his legion of blogs. So far, this post has probably gotten about 75% of Breitbart Unmasked's comments for the whole year.

    1. It's funny how he calls others pussy if they don't come to him.

      I'm not sure that's a wise tactic for him to invite people to come see him, especially in is condition.

      Of course, anyone showing up might be put off by the .. whatever that is in the red hair. I always brag about marrying up. I can't imagine how he explains it.

        1. As for being a pussy, I don't believe that I've ever had to call the police in my personal life.

          The Cabin Boy, just off the top of my head, has called the heat in Maryland (dozens of times), Tennessee (to tell them that he probably wasn't a child pornographer), Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. Again, that's just off the top of my head.

          Why did he make all those calls? Because the Internet hurt his feel-feels.

          A DUMBFUCK and I apparently have very different definitions of "pussy"

        2. The Iowa thing was funny. He claimed that Grady admitted to damaging the tires, then said Grady ratted Hoge out. The police suspended their investigation the next day.

          The Milwaukee police were supposed to go have someone contact the Palatine Police and go talk to Grady about this website, but from what Grady has said, that never happened.

          Krendler has been waiting for nearly 310 days for the Kops to haul him off in chains.

          I would love to hear the recordings the police make when Bill phones a butthurt boil in.

      1. "I always brag about marrying up. I can't imagine how he explains it."

        For him, that *is* marrying up.

        1. I can imagine him with the other Parkinson's patients in the care home and he's trying to explain what a "catch" she is.

        2. If the "catch" is a dead, half rotted, diseased, snaggletoothed squid...

          ... with ratty, dyed hair.

  4. Is that cat supposed to have that weird bony lump which looks too far forward to be the pelvis? Or am I just confused by the lack of fur?

    And can that critter holding the cat please get a decent hair cut, some conditioner, and see an endocrinologist for that goiter?

    1. Remember all of the times the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt insulted our beautiful friend Dianna over her hair? Not to mention the ridiculous insults he has directed toward you, as well, LG.

      If xhe was a "right winger" and *ever* expressed an opinion The Blob did not care for... can you imagine the disgusting insults he would lob in xer direction? And, not just insults about that red/pink/blonde-ish dirty straw xhe tries to pass off as hair. Xer wardrobe appears to be a product of dumpster diving, xhe is in terrible physical shape, and those teeth (Good grief! Those teeth!).

      BS would so be in his sweaty-palmed, happy place going after xer.

        1. He looks like a raggedy old bag half full of rancid dough.

          And yet, somehow, he found a way to be the better-looking one in the relationship. Boggles. The. Mind.

      1. looks like he needs to replace the clearance sale Halloween wing on Inflataskank.

        probably wouldn't hurt to let a few inches of air out of it too, before the seams pop,

      2. Considering that there are young twenty-something girls who are bleaching and dying their hair to attempt to come close to the color of Dianna's locks and that it is the MOST COVETED SHADE out there currently...

        Somebody needs a fashion refresher. Possibly overhaul.

    2. LG, you are confused by the lack of fur. The cat looks perfectly healthy to me. She looks precisely like my breeding partner's sphynx does. You get odd angles with those cats.

      I will not comment on the rest of the picture and the supposed representations of "health" or not therein.

  5. "You know," he said. "I could turn around and say how awful those nasty people are. Or, I could @mention her on Twitter."

    Yeah. That makes sense. I'll use Twitter.

    God, I long for the days when people dressed up and tried to look nice in photos.

    1. That's a nice sentiment, but not an achievable goal for that...thing.

      Is anyone fluent in German? If any language has a word for a person both hilariously and disgustingly ugly, it's probably German. I can't even look at the picture for more than a few seconds at a time, because I really don't want to know if it's possible to laugh and vomit simultaneously.

    2. It was just yesterday when I mentioned to the Rule 5 Wife, "...and it's amazing 'Mad Men' was so visually striking in contrast with today's culture. Now go make me a cocktail."

  6. Watching all of this over the last couple of years has really opened my eyes on several things. But one is that Bill and Brett have educated me on the power of Doxx. Not to mention the power of And. Especially notable was watching how the courts can be used to compel revealing personally identifiable info. There are a lot of nut jobs out there and not all of them fake spending time in a wheel chair. Feelin' me?

    I want a email account that can't be traced back no how no way. I have NOT investigated what it takes to set up a hotmail or google account nowadays. So maybe that's a option. Yep. I know how VPNs work. And I'm considering creating a domain name, which includes any number of email accounts, and paying for it monthly. Put I can't figure out how to handle payment in a way that courts can't find me.

    Yo' Krendler- Events in the last few weeks makes me increasingly nervous watching as Google conducts itself and its business. Let me ax you a question:

    Is the answer to go to a offshore ISP American courts can't reach? Any other insights?



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