Pack Your Bags, DUMBFUCK!

Motion for Reconsideration is DEEEEEEEEE-NIED!

No one will be showing anything to anyone over Skype!

I guess we will be seeing him in Westminster! Whether in a courtroom or a holding cell is entirely up to him.


UPDATE: The pro se Plaintiff has EVEN MOAR DETAIL at Hogewash!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. From the bottom of my kitty cat heart:

    Fuck you, you fatass racist turd. Get your ample ass to Westminster, post haste!!

    Oh, and....


  2. We shall soon hear that Hoge did not foresee this because he did not write about it in advance. Hoge couldn't have written that regardless of what he foresaw: it would have been plagiarism.

  3. My 2005/is getting opened Monday!! Woof!!

    Shitbag McFakinsons vexatious bullshit is coming to an end!!!


  4. I can't wait to read the impending ADA suit that is gonna be filed against the inconsiderate and handicap hating Judge Hecker. And the subsequent doxxing, etc..

  5. Im stating this now ,I hope I'm wrong because the fucker showing up would be epic, but Im betting he will not show up and default rather then risk showing up.

    1. I don't think he fully understands ALL the downsides of not showing up...


      1. You could of stopped after "I don't think he fully understands" lol

        Im going enjoy opening a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue next week. It costed about 200 dollars before taxes but its going be worth toasting victory.

        1. Glenlivet 18 is a wonderful single malt and normally a single malt that is my go to celebration spirt. I got this bottle of Johnny Walker Blue in honor of DumbFuck while he is drowning his sorrows in swell not fit human consumption aka Johnny Walker Red. Im going to be savoring the Johnny Walker Blue.

      2. Anyone with an IQ over room temperature would have hired an attorney at least no later than when the judge cited him for criminal contempt.


  7. I see the judge is holding off on ruling on the motions in limine till the start of the trial.

    smart move, why make a ruling that will be moot depending on who does, or more importantly, does NOT show up.

  8. Awful quiet out in Twitter pretendyland...

    You think that fat ignorant racist bastage squeezed his smelly bulk into three bus seats and is headed north?

    1. No. He rented a car and went north. He will only use public transit for the final step to keep up appearances.

      The only real question is: with he exaggerate/fake using a walker or cane? My money is on walker for more dramatic effect.

      1. Wouldn't put it past him to fake a seizure or some other drama bullshit in open court.

  9. If Bill thinks he suffers pain from sitting up for 10 minutes; it's nothing to how his ass will hurt after one day (and night) in jail.

    Maybe he will find Soulmate V3.0 (somebody with a full set of teeth)


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