“No One Is Really Anonymous On the Internet”

There are two kinds of people on the internet:

People who use their real names, and the 7+ BILLION people that demented cyberstalker, adjudicated cyberharasser, probable child pornographer and lying motherfucker Bill Schmalfeldt can’t dox.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

22 thoughts on ““No One Is Really Anonymous On the Internet””

  1. And even if someone uses their real name (or links their WordPress ID to their blog that had their real name prominently displayed) he'll STILL get wrong.

  2. Or else what? You'll force him/her to get a restraining order and thereby expand your impressive collection? You'll paste his/her face onto butt stuff porn? You'll kill him/her... by filing the next LOLsuit, thereby causing internal ruptures from such violent laughter?

    Better yet, how about you become anonymous? Just disappear and cut off all these ties. While I'd miss out on hitting my LUTZ quota so easily, without Fat Boi blabbing it gets pretty quiet around here. But he'll never allow it because BILL HAZ A SAD and all must pay. Just proves that age doesn't equal maturity.

    Pathetic losers gotta lose.

    1. Oh, just you wait, Dew. He's going to dox the hell out of you someday, and then when he has the opportunity to add you to his LOLSUIT DU JOUR, he'll drop his morbidly obese girl panties and head for the hills, uh...I mean, he'll CHANGE HIS MIND, just like he did with MJ and SPQR.

  3. "Here's another one who better STAY anonymous."

    Um... yeah... about that...

    From what I know about my friend Dew... I'd wager him staying anonymous is FAR better for the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt than it is for Dew himself. Just sayin'.

    Mouthy McBlowhard would try so hard and so freaking fast to wedge his fat ass under the nearest porch if he actually knew what many of The Horde already knows.


    1. As I was saying...


      BOOM! lol!

    2. Thanks Grace!!

      But I am fairly certain that his hiking his bloomers and running for the hills like the pussy he is has more to do with his cowardy make up than me.

      He did it with MJ... He did it with SPQR.

      Only difference is that if/when the yellow soaked pussy starts that legal and/or harassment ball rolling...

      I. Will. Not. Stop.


      Like a fucking civil proceedings Terminator.

      I will legally END you, bitch.

      1. https://twitter.com/breitbitnews/status/896563804674428930

        Bring it, shitstain.

        Just as I thought...


  4. Looks to be the same threatening bluster he used when he was the last one standing after a bar fight...6 hours after.

    He's BETTER stay anonymous because otherwise DF will have to put a hurt on him like the ones who aren't anonymous ....nevermind.

  5. He can't be so stupid as to think that's an actionable, libelous statement.

    Can he?

    1. Let's try some on for size:
      He fakes PD so he can claim a medical pension.
      He didn't give two poots about his wife's death, least not enough to get off the email. Maybe after in the shock just to keep busy I could understand, but during! shit monkey face, you're a psychopath.
      Faked going to his Moms dying moments to get out of court.
      Lies voluminously and for little reason.
      Is not just a racist, but a casual unthinking racist.
      Will say anything about faith and religion just to finish his latest sentence the way he thinks it should end.
      Writes and edits execrably.
      Has the economic and legal sensibility of a stunned meerkat.
      He has a hard time finding the inflation valve of his soi disant girlfriend and why ever did someone make a latex product with such horrendous choppers?

      1. Kyle, "Associates" of the Editor's Union...

        ...along with the Monkey Face Local, the Liars Guild, Association of Racist's Chapter 21, and the Fraternity of Stunned Meerkats would like to have a word or two with you out back.


  6. I use my real name, we are related, and my stupid, impotent bully of a cousin can't dox me, nor get any of his living relatives to "roll over" on me.

    The latter must really chap his ample ass. 😉

    The former just illustrates how poorly he doxxes...


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