10 thoughts on “Looks Like DUMBFUCK Is Awake (If Not Exactly Woke)”

  1. Nobody gives a shit about Bill's whereabouts. Fuck him. Everybody knew he wouldn't show. He's a fucking pantywaist. A waste of oxygen from birth and a waste of his daddy's protein before that.

    There's a guy in my neighborhood who provided guide services for hunters. He made a shit-ton of money doing it, too. I'm not saying that his client got his critter on every outing, but if you went out with him and didn't come back with something it was most likely your fault. Damned good.

    About 15 years ago he was hit with diabetes. First he lost a couple of toes. Then he lost a foot. Then the other foot and some fingers. The last time I saw him, he had one hand left. Both of his legs gone below the knee. One hand gone.

    He still shows up. Granddaughter's rifle team banquet? He's there. Hunter education classes? He's there. Shit, he even gives out free hunting supplies to the kids in the classes. And you can be damned sure that if someone sued him, he'd be in court.

    I'd take a single one-handed, no-legged, half-blind Herb over 500 Bills any day of the week.

  2. Hey shitbag,

    If you haven't noticed, federal court is even more strict with following the rules than Maryland. The hints of that SHOULD have come from the responses of the court. Too bad you're too DUMBF5CKed to figure that out.

    And you couldn't even follow them!

    The only FUN in SC for be for US as we watch you fail miserably and with luck have a ballif execute a bench warrant when you come to court.

    Unless you follow your usual MO which is to talk big but when it comes time to put up or shut up you cower like a BITCH.

    Except attorneys are involved now. You won't get out of a dismissal so easily.

    The lulz will be glorious!!!!

  3. I give it another week before he folds the LOL suit.

    "Health reasons" and the belated return of "YOU'RE KILLING ME" Bill

    1. You reminded me of something. Judge Hecker said he would deal with Mr Fakinsons tomorrow. At first I thought he was about a day late for that, but the more I think about it he was a bit over 60 years too late.

      Shmalfeldt and his lolsuit: two things that should have been killed in the crib when the opportunity arose. It disgusts me every day this waste of resources leeches my tax money.

  4. There's no way to keep your power dry when SnaggleWhore is cramming it up her schnoz.

    Just kidding, Shakes. You have no powder. Dry or otherwise.

  5. If he means where waves of PLM bombers are going to drop their loads.. South Carolina is the place...


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