I Can Think of Five

…specific purposes other than “engendering hate toward someone:”

  1. Pointage
  2. Laughery 
  3. Mockification 
  4. Informing the global community of landlords 
  5. LULZ

Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “I Can Think of Five”

  1. First off, it is nice that Bill once again admits that those are his activities- that John Hoge can accurately track Bill's access to John's blog (now, how might that be used in a court case dealing with butthurt? Hmmmmmmm....)

    Now, as to why? John may wish to document for himself and the rest of the world what a useless piece of sulking lard Bill Schmalfeldt is - Bill can't be bothered to show up at a trial, but stalks John's blog for tidbits of crap he intends to throw on the wall on Twitter that proves what a clown Bill is.

    1. He is a completely used up cripple, this much he has told us. I wonder when he'll die.

  2. I'm not positive, but I believe that Hoge started documenting "logins" after Schmalfeldt said or did something related to a posting at Hogewash but denied being on Hoge's site. In other words, it began in response to a lie from Schmalfeldt to demonstrate he was lying.

    1. Precisely. Bill doesn't like being called out on his lies. The fact that PLM issues from further posts like this is just a byproduct.

  3. So predictable, the Fat Fucktard thinks because Sir John monitors the Fucktard's searches on his blogsite that the purpose is to stir up the hatred towards him.

    Sir John doesn't need to do that, we all hate, laugh at, point at and mock him without Sir John monitoring him and posting about it.

    1. Since John is in active litigation with Drunkenstein in two different jurisdictions, can someone please give me a scenario where it wouldn't be reasonable for him to monitor logins? Just one will do.

      On the other hand, I do enjoy a DUMBFUCK's editorial criticism. After all, it's not like his way of running an internet presence has caused him any discomfort,

      Oh, Wait....

  4. If only Bill could point out to where a person was specified in that post for the purpose of engendering hatred. I see no person named. Bill, it's all about me, S.

  5. I don't hate The Fat Potatoheaded Freak. I despise him and his behaviors. I wish he would disappear from the face of the Earth. I wish he had never been born. I wish he had nutshuffled his way to Perdition years ago. I wish whatever actual physical or mental conditions he has or has had would have rendered him unable to do the awful things he has done as early as possible.
    But hate him? Nah. He's not worth the effort. He only wishes I and others hated him because then his idiot's evil might have purpose. He sold his soul it seems, and got every bit of what it was worth.

  6. "Stirs up hatred" is the progressive meme of the century for whatever statement a progressive fool dislikes and wants to controvert, suppress, or (most probably) both.

    A list of logins does not inspire hatred. It may inspire mockery or a bemused wonder at someone's pathetic failings of mind and life.

  7. I wonder if the DUMBFUCK really thinks he can prove that "the global community of landlords" not only investigate him so thoroughly that they can figure out that a post, that doesn't mention his name, is referring to his activity, but also that those landlords care whether DUMBFUCK is obsessively reading John's blog.

    In other words, holy shit are you ever stupid, Schmablablabla. Holy. Shit.


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